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Another Suggestion for Glory Glut

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    Another Suggestion for Glory Glut

    We only need 110 Glory, but they keep coming with every event. Why not alternate Glory and Gems? The odd milestone rewards would be Glory, the even would be Gems. In this scheme 100% of the rewards would be useful for new players. But as you progress thru the event a smaller percentage would be useful to the more advanced players.

    2 rewards would mean 100% useful for new players, but only 50% for more advanced players
    3 rewards would still be 100% for new players, but only 33.3% for advanced
    4 rewards would still be 100%, but 50% for advanced
    5 rewards would still be 100%, but only 40% for advanced

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    Only need 110 Glory? Only 110 Glory being necessary seems a bit low even if you are running an ELR mage. You have your belt, trinkets, bracer and enchantments.

    If you do not have different trinkets for different stages of hero development and do not unlock the Fire Lily trinket, you are still looking at a minimum of 170 Glory to have a complete ELR mage.

    The Juggernaut build for warriors has a similar Glory requirement as ELR mages but is not for farming experience which is the realm of Fury and that requires additional Glory.

    Hunters require the most Glory for pushing per the current METAs as they recommended build is a Havoc/Demolitionist Hybrid.

    Giving the developers ideas for giving us options when we no longer have a use for Glory is great. I just think your threshold for Glory no longer being needed after 110 is a bit light.

    To put it in perspective? Takes 1130 Glory to unlock all the Glory locked items.


      Okay, I should have counted more than a basic set of armor. Still it shocks me that it takes that many to unlock everything. Really!

      Still, I do know I'm a relative newcomer (about 2 years), and I have 1075 glory and nothing to use them on. Noticing that last night is what got me thinking about an older thread on this topic.

      And yes, I think it's a valid idea. Newer players would have more glory than gems, to unlock the 'recipes.' But even the gems would help by allowing them to upgrade their abilities faster.