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Two Different Uses of "League" is Confusing

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    Two Different Uses of "League" is Confusing

    Maybe call Contender, Veteran and Master "Brackets" or possibly even better would be "Divisions" instead of "Leagues"?

    New players are especially confused by both the different types of ANBs and the different competitive levels being called "Leagues". Can also not just ask which league they are in when answering their questions because you also have to explain that league is used two different ways first.

    Just do something to eliminate this source of confusion.

    I am agree.
    maybe like division in football / soccer, division 2, division 1, and premiere league / master league / super league.

    And maybe, added degradation system. Player in division 1 is missed or not playing in next ANB is auto down to division 2.

    or, outside 500 ranking of division 1 is auto down to division 2.

    for promotion system, maybe just same with now, Trial Level 80 to rise up division 1, TL 120 to come super league.

    I think it would be nore exiting and interesting. :-)


      It is confusing

      "League" is okay if we're talking about each ANB (bronze, silver, gold) as a "whole", but its continued reference in labeling the champion levels (contender, veteran, and master) is not accurate and muddies the waters. Some new "division" label, as discussed above, would be MUCH better as an aid in game organization hierarchy.
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        I think the simplest fix would to call the ANB events what they are: events. So we have Bronze, Silver, and Gold Events and then three leagues participating in the events.


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          Not a bad idea!