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  • My 2 cents

    Now that I've been playing for a month I thought I'd offer my feedback. Please note, I only play on a PC and so haven't gotten the latest update yet/have no experience playing on a touchscreen.

    1) crafting/drop changes, yada yada, I'll just add that letting the player pick the graphic would also be cool. Getting to customize the look of my character rather than leaving it up to chance would be nice.

    2) In story mode Act 3 some of the areas are partially covered up by the act selector column and even going full screen doesn't help.

    3) After you complete the last location in an act you are automatically sent to the next act/difficulty, which makes repeating a location for stars annoying. Could we just leave the location selection on the last place done if you are repeating it? I know when I'm ready to move on.

    4) At end of level could mystery boxes be brought to you like other stuff? And could gold be updated as coins come in and not after (as in have gold count go up as coins arrive rather than all coins arriving and the gold count going up)?

    5) Game balance is totally out of whack, such that there is little variety possible. Everyone plays basically the same past a certain point because it is necessary. I'd prefer to be able to play different builds and different styles and have them be at least somewhat similar in effectiveness. So, my suggestions...

    -get rid of Maggie (make her an Eileen clone). Right now you HAVE to use her (preferably more than one), and that isn't fun.

    -get rid of reflecting monsters. Having to constantly look for orange circles on the ground is annoying and the only way to deal with them is maggie.

    -nerf monster and especially boss special attacks (which require maggie to counter and usually one hit kill you at high levels) and boost their regular attacks (which currently aren't very scary)

    -cap/reduce movement speed so ranged characters can't always stay away from monsters rather than reduce range (although both would also work)

    -scale merc hps with strength of monsters faced so they don't die when touched. Tank merc is useless at higher levels because he runs toward monsters to tank, gets breathed on and dies.

    -generally strengthen mercs in different ways for each so having a different mix actually affects gameplay beyond their special ability

    -make non-staves unusable by mages and reduce staff damage (to compensate for being a ranged class) which would go a long way to fixing class balance

    -increase life regeneration and decrease life on hit to balance them, and make potions/apples actually useful (I've never used one, probably because 90% of the times I die it is a one hit kill)

    6) graphics engine - when there is a wall on the bottom of the screen it blocks your view and can prevent you from clicking on monsters or mystery boxes. Maybe have such walls become translucent/transparent when you approach them.

    7) depends on the map, but having little rocks or other small obstacles block my ranged attacks (and only some but not others) is annoying. If something is graphically small it shouldn't impede LOS.

    8) autotargeting doesn't take obstacles into account and it doesn't move off something you can't hit. I can't count the number of times I've been firing into a wall pointlessly while a monster right next to me hacks away.

    9) PC only, but if you go fullscreen (or even in windowed), would it be possible to change the cursor? In a big fight it is very easy to loose a small white thing.

    10) Could there be a setting where you decide what levels of items require confirmation before selling? Once you hit max level rares are as worthless as uncommons, yet I have to confirm selling one but not the other. Just unnecessary clicks. And having a separate choice for set/named items would be cool too.

    Just a few quick thoughts, I'm sure I'll come up with more. But overall a great game. A big thank you to the developers.

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    8 - is supposed to be fixed in the latest beta I believe.

    9 - it's Windows' cursor. You can change the cursor to whatever you want in your windows mouse settings. Mine is set to a green arrow specifically to help with this issue.
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      2 more:

      1) when confirming the sale of an item could we see the item's picture as well as its name?

      2) Is there any place to see experience had/needed? To see where I am at I have to start something, which is annoying.


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        Originally posted by BAgate View Post
        2 more:

        1) when confirming the sale of an item could we see the item's picture as well as its name?

        2) Is there any place to see experience had/needed? To see where I am at I have to start something, which is annoying.
        They are working on #2, it might be working for you already if you get the newest Android version (it works on one of my accounts).