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    Loyality rewards

    Hi Devs - Adrian (Developer),

    Did you consider to add loyality rewards to the game like some special items (like named items)?

    I am thinking about some chest where you can open it and choose the specific item and for specific class you want.


    1) You can't get this items from any other source than from loyality (account age).
    2) The items should be usable (powerful).
    3) The items should have static stats (max), max level (nevermind if sombody has lower level) and +option to reforge.
    4) All items should be the same (static) for all players. All people would be able to feel that are equally treated by devs and are not dependent from RNG.
    5) I see 3-4 levels of rewards - bronze (every month), silver (every quarter of the year) , gold (every half of the year), diamond (every year).
    6) When the loyality reward system would come all players who meet the requirements from the past would get all rewards from the past at one time (make all players equal with the same chances - piece of balance)
    7) I see items like jewelery (it would be great if stats would be better than from crafting), weapons and capes (with special effects and special design for every class) or some special sets with nice look for every
    8) For every month of playing (we can use calendar for that) we get bronze chest. I see here some good items which will have bonus to each other. I want to make this items usable all the time so we need synergy bonus or better we can craft this items together and rise their stats (the items sould be limited so we don't have limit the stats).
    9) For every 3-6 months we would get silver/gold chest where we would find also items with synergy bonus to make them stronger every time we get next item.
    10) Every year we can get diamond box with for example 5 items per class to choose ( I don't know if somebody would be longer with this game than 5 years) without synergy but so powerful than any item from drop/craft would be worse.

    Please feel free to comment and add your opinions, I know that this will not be possible to add in near future but I am sure that it's easier to make than new ACT or Multi.
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    I love the idea just because I've been playing for more than a year