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    Just fix it

    I've been playing this game for ~2 months, now I have something to say.

    1) Boss drop in story is poor compared to trials. Fix it, and you make story great again
    2) Lack of lore. It's ez to add more, so why not doing that?
    3) It could be kinda cool if player is able to bump story levels above 70 (to make them more challenging and rewarding). One-liner, right?

    1) Dark maps are pain in the ass, nearly impossible to play on mobile when outside.
    2) Loading time is ridiculous. Do you generate the whole map every time or something? Why not pre-generating a dozen of templates instead and rotate/randomize them?
    3) Inconsistent drops. Good luck: you get 2-3 set pieces + 2-3 gold items, bad luck: you get a pile of junk. Could it be a bit more consistent?

    Skills and auras:
    1) Red arrow aura. No comments. Should be dispell-able.
    2) Damage reflect. It's annoying, really annoying. You can't attack enemies affected, you just can't, right? If so, why not to fix it to give immunity instead? Same effect, but less annoying, right?
    3) Multishot and other deadly sh*t should be more visible when being charged/prepared.

    1) Zoom out more. If my device is fine to render more, why don't you allow that?
    2) Lock equipped items so they can't be sold/lost. I did it a few times occasionally when was sleepy.
    3) Add in-game help. At least some help. There are many aspects which are not obvious at all, and very few players reach this forum probably.

    Gem shop:
    1) Adjust prices. They are too high for the game like this one. A gem bundle costs like... well... full "Last Of Us" license, lol)
    2) Add more cosmetic stuff to buy. Custom costumes, animations etc.
    3) Add some non-cosmetic, gameplay-affecting stuff to buy. Not expensive, not game-changer, just something for player's convenience. Could be anything: auto-sell junk loot or extra purse to store gems or crafting queue... as I said, anything useful for paying subscribers.

    1) Friend list is awkward. Social shouldn''t be underestimated. User should be able to remove from the list at least, ideally sort, add tags, load read-only hero full screen, send private message to friends etc.
    2) Hero selection screen is an anti-UX in all terms. Why do I need to go through a bunch of views, tap a bunch of buttons etc too just switch an active character? It's kinda common operation, just bring hero portraits to the main screen and switch by simply taping one.
    3) Daily events are all same and boring Daily rewards are dull as well. Could there be any diversity?

    Special request:
    Please! Please fix that cancerous fire animation of mage's skills (immolate and fireball). It burns my eyes.
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