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  • Team movement

    It would be most helpful if there was a way to better direct the computer team members. Sometimes I want them to stay close to me and they go off to fight mobs. This would be specially helpful in maps that are survival modes (mobs come to you and once you kill them all, you are done).

    For example if there is a choke point / entry I would like to stay there and have all my helpers stay behind me so I can attack mobs more easily with the spells from the computer team members.

    I can think of 3 command that would help
    * Stay - helpers will stay in the spot I select. They will fight mobs within a given radius, but not go wandering off
    * Come to leader - Make helpers come to me
    * Stick - Stay within a given radius of the leader. So if I move in a given direction they won't stay behind.

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    A bit hard to implement under tactile UI restrictions....

    ...but maybe tap the minion to rotate through those 3 AI behaviors, and make their health bar (or an aura) different color to indicate the behavior chosen?


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      On the top left there is a small area between the helmet icon and the character bar. If the character bar is moved a bit right, there could be a spot there. Even now, as it is, you could have a circle roughly of the same size of the circle that is on top right to indicate connectivity.

      Whether it is a circle or a small(ish) square you could indicate which mode is active by color and upon changing you could show a small text indicating the mode as to not need permanent text anywhere, which would use/need more space.