I might be the only BH player using this ability.

The damage it deals isn't overly bad (Havok Set boosts this giving +6 missiles, 12 missiles in total) but I'm more bothered by how slow the missiles are. It takes forever to hit their target/s and often they don't even hit them like, not even at all. They like to miss their target, even when the target is right in front of them the missiles hit somewhere else. So much for heatseeking huh. I've lost count on the number of times I died just because the ability doesn't do it's job properly.

By default at level 10, each Heatseekers missile deals 1500% weapon damage. 6x 1500=9000%. Has 20 secs cooldown. Lvl 10 Snipe do 5000% damage and ALWAYS critically hits. Snipe is also very fast while having a much lower 15 secs cooldown. This should show how much of a buff Heatseekers need right now.

So can you at least please make the missiles go as fast as that nuke in the first Avengers movie? Thanks.