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Feedback: Devs. here's how to increase use of "Reforging" (and thus earn more $)

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  • Feedback: Devs. here's how to increase use of "Reforging" (and thus earn more $)

    Reforging, as it is currently designed, is close to a fool's game.
    I should know -- I have been a fool. More than once. Gambler's Fallacy? YES!!

    How it works now:
    • Random chance to roll all "eligible" stats within the ranges displayed,
      - - AND THEN - -
    • Random chance to display 2 of those above randomly generated stats (in addition to the current stat, comprising 3 choices in total)
    • It will not display a lower value of the current stat.
    The general progression of reforging currently probably goes like this:
    1. Reforge to a new stat -- select that new stat however low it is. If stat is already the desired one, skip this step.
    2. Reforge the newly selected desired stat, hoping for an improved number.
    3. Sometimes the above is modified as follows: while waiting for the desired stat to appear the first time, if offered a very high roll of some other undesired stat, select it, because then, that stat is more-or-less effectively eliminated from showing up any further, thus increasing the odds of the desired stat showing up.
    The problem is, once you are reforging the desired stat, then the higher the stat goes, the lower is the probability of getting anything better. It has to randomly roll better AND randomly get selected as one of the other two stats offered. You better be willing to spend some serious quantities of gems. I haven't calculated the odds. Trust me they are abysmally low.

    Here is my suggestion in two parts . . .


    (A) For the current stat, the range from which the random roll occurs, gets assigned a minimum equal to the current stat. Thus every roll of that stat is equal or better to current, and you only have to "hope" that it gets randomly selected as one of the two other stats.


    (B) For the current stat, the rolls are still subject to the full range. BUT, if that stat (which is the current stat) rolls higher than the current one, it gets prioritized and "automatically displayed" as one of the two choices. You can choose to improve it, or choose the other stat (the third choice).

    Implementing both (A) and (B) above would be a dream come true. But implementing either would, in my opinion, make reforging more attractive overall and encourage more gems spent, thus more IAP, thus more revenue. A win-win.

    Give it some thought.

    P.S. the "pity timer" is another idea; and/or as the # of rolls increases, the odds steadily improve