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    I've heard of it, but have never seen it. This also doesn't account for Rivx and I doing the math for our experience and it being rather incorrect comparing what we "should" get vs what we "actually" get. However, it was just to prove a quick point.
    Dyoma Crown
    Dyoma Crown Total: 434

    Mage: 143
    Warrior (DW): 148
    BH: 143

    Warrior (SW): 138


      Originally posted by Wllly View Post
      I think all developers are busy to build up the next version but I wish you guys can give us some realistic goals for now while we are waiting for the next events. If there is any chance we can get celestial cubes in current game version, we will do our best on getting it. I don’t mean we can get everywhere. If the trail bosses from level 120 drop celestial cubes with 0.1% of chance, we will really appreciate that. It can be also such a long term goal for people who just start this game.
      So what TL are you beating currently?


        Originally posted by Rytrik View Post

        So what TL are you beating currently?
        I believe he is currently at trial 118 as a mage.
        ANB #1- Mage Rank 17... T107 in 9:47
        ANB #2- Mage Rank 1..... T116 in 9:54

        Live LB- Mage Rank 3..... T122 in 9:05.
        Live LB- XP Mage ........... T112 in 7:55/ T100 in 3:25.

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