Back in the day damage reflection elite was instant death as the aura actually reflected damage. So higher DPS, quicker the death. Since that brought out such an outcry of pain, it was changed to DoT. The change has effectively neutered the effect to such a degree that newer players aren't even sure what those elites are and do. I even questioned myself if those mob types still exist in the game. The reason is because any DoT damage from trash mob is vastly overwhelmed by the LoH/Recovery stats that no self respecting Eternium toon will enter a trial without (high AS LoH, or RF, or singularity).

So I suggest yet another change, and in the process, introduce a new damage type.

Currently mob damage only affects the hp. There are a few, very few, damage types that go beyond that. The slow aura comes to mind. This is simplistic and a tad boring.

How about damage that actually affect other player stats?!

I'm talking about mental scramble rays that junk your AR, ghostly touches that shrinks your vitality counter, slow aura that actually slows down your attack speed, not just movement. Ok so this has gone a bit beyond the subject.

Basically if we change the Retributor damage from DoT to some kind of hex on player's vitality, this will both make the mob more fearsome and avoid the re-introduction of instant death. Let's get some variety into the damage game.

Once the system is setup, I don't see why our player skills can't also deal those more interesting damage types.