Alright, so, I've played plenty of free-to-play games, as well as subscription-based games. In the 18 or so years that I've played Ultima Online and World of Warcraft (yeah, yeah, I'm oldish - I'll be nearly 40 quite shortly here), I've probably easily sinked a total of $10,000 in subscription and purchase fees. Yikes, yeah, that's nuts. I don't mind paying for games and things that I enjoy...but I feel like there has been a turn of the tide with the free-to-play, but have in-game purchases model. As a software engineer myself, I understand that people have to get paid for the work that they do (I wouldn't be employed if not)...but it's so much more competitive in today's world. So many companies push out these free-to-play games (it's all too easy to get sucked in to install and play), but then they gouge you with not enough resources to play so you're stuck with either quitting, or sinking money into it.

I have to hand it to the Eternium team. I don't feel that way with this game. Yes, I have made in-game purchases, but only because I felt that the team deserved it. I make a decent hell of a living as a software engineer, but I'm still picky as hell as to where that money goes...but I've had no qualms paying for a few things because I actually enjoy this game. Other free-to-play games...yea, not so much, I just abandon and move on.

I guess my point much control as you have (which might not be much, but still), don't go full corporate! People like this game, and IMO, with this pay-to-play game model, you'll make more money appeasing the majority of the player base...which you seem to do! Now I understand that there is a balance. Man, the stories I could tell of what customers have asked in regards to modifications of our products that were But, as far as I can tell so far: Ya'll been doing a damn fine good job with this game, and I will continue to support it as such. Please don't kill it.