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    HUD Customization

    There are only 3 HUD options, plus the floating number toggle. It would be nice if we had the option of toggling individual HUD components:
    • Ability Cooldown Bar
    • Minimap
    • Floating Lifebars/CC Immunity Bars
    • Floating Numbers
    That way, players would have more choice as to what info gets displayed on-screen. This would be useful to players who, for example, like to play in immersive + map without floating numbers, but also want to see the lifebars/CC bars of individual enemies.

    Another cool addition would be toggleable floating Cooldown counters that would display around the Hero and Comps. That way players could keep track of Cooldowns even with the Cooldown Bar toggled off. They wouldn't have to display numbers, just little countdown circles that could brighten when each Ability is ready to fire.
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    +1. I don't want to see 50% of the stuff on screen but I still need to see ability cool down times and health bars.
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