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Piercing Ammo (BH)

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    Piercing Ammo (BH)

    I'm testing it on/off and one annoying problem that keeps coming up is how the bullets "pierce" (more like ricochet) at ridiculous angles and bring other groups / elites into the battle.

    Would it make sense to greatly limit the "pierce" angle, compensating by a higher pierce %?
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    Nah, it's fine


      Be glad that BH has a skill that assists with pulls. His options there are limited compared to the Mage.
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        Originally posted by GrauGeist View Post
        Nah, it's fine

        Great response.

        I think any nerf to "fix" pulling elites would ultimately damage the ability to handle groups.
        Best thought I had had was only piercing to ACTIVE groups of mobs. So it would just go back into the same group if a second wasn't active.
        I'm having a lot problems with it right now trials 115+ myself but you do get used to it and MOSTLY learn it's range, and that it is less likely (at least it seems) to Pierce back behind you.

        They will fix it after multiplayer.
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