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Bounty Hunter pushing trials with new Stalker set build...

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    Originally posted by Chosen View Post

    That is correct. I have made one ring with life per hit just for Garm TL runs, which brought my total to 3.8k and it still took me 3 or 4 runs to finish 139, iirc.
    Thats what I feared Thanks for confirmation


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      And I fkin sold an epic LoH ring with near perfect stat about a week ago. Made it just for fun


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        FendyBt2 Nice video. I haven't given Stalker set a chance but I like it. I need to learn how to pull mobs without dying. Going through your channel I was watching some ANB levelling guides and saw you pick experience on your jewellery. Had to go back to rewatch that a few times. I had no idea you could do that. Knowing that beforehand would have saved me a few mil in gold last month. Let's not talk about the brilliant I've spent. Didn't know it cost gems either. Glad I looked before I went and drained them all. Good to know if I have an excess amount of gems I got a place to spend them.
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