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1.4.38 mobile bh Trial 120

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    1.4.38 mobile bh Trial 120

    and here is part 2 of this small vid series in this video Makina will have full cl use as well as heavily improved stalker gears; but instead of pack to pack play like previous video, you shall see large scale mobile pulling with bh... this video also features music background i took time to edit in as usual questions are welcome lol... hope this helps some/any bh with season2 progression, good luck and please enjoy!!!

    Makina "The Corpse Princess" - stalker bh
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    Shadowiiix - arcanist mage

    Originally posted by 13ft shadow View Post
    as usual questions are welcome lol...
    Question 1: How to get that done in ANB Gold?


      That is awesome, 13ft shadow .... ver instructive. Can you make a video of a high level Elban fight, 113 or 118 maybe?


      • 13ft shadow
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        i can indeed make an elban demonstration video hmm... mabey i will do a collage boss battle vid for bh, to help with boss fights... someone on discord asked me to do a assault/havoc video, but i just don't have very good gears of either currently, and too limited of inventory space... but i can tell you right now that elban should always be hardest for bh, magroth/elban should be hardest for mage, and garm should be hardest for warriors... with elban you will want to insure a few things as bh... 1st that you dont get hit by elbans dot, 2nd that you hit elban with as many snipes as possible, and 3rd that you keep the rotation of smokescreen, rapid fire, snipe as much as possible... in that order in game description of abilities explains why this order is important to keep as often as you can, without compromising fire rates... so don't waste to much time waiting for ss to cooldown, you may need to just go rf - snipe while ss is on cooldown... hope this helps you in some way

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        13ft shadow Thanks for posting your BH videos; very efficient movement in rounding up mobs. I thought that people were using SmokeScreen to gain immunity from the purple arrow attack, but it looks like you are just sidestepping those attacks to use SS to buff your RF and Snipe attacks. That probably explains why it is taking me longer to make the boss kill.

        I will give the rotation of SS, RF, Snipe a higher priority and see if that helps. I think without the buff from Smokescreen, my other attacks aren't doing as much damage.

      So I should go after like 5 or 6 groups? Or even more? I hate cave maps to many rocks around. Also could I use magnetic trap instead of smoke to pull in mobs?
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      • 13ft shadow
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        i would go after as many groups as you are comfortable going after it also will be dependent on ur abilities chosen, i.e. ur question about mag trap... i will merge them together for you lol... so you absolutely can use mag trap (i personally don't) you may find you prefer using it, but you must keep certain things in mind with pulling, and abilities like mag trap... so mag trap, like other abilities has little to no effect on boss fights... this means by example, a bh using both mag trap and piercing shots would want to make massive pulls and get to the boss much faster, as they will be doing less dps to boss... i tend to do good boss dmg in my vids as i don't often use abilities that don't affect the boss... ss is nice because although some bosses can be stunned, it will still give you a 30% boost to dps... but 1 should only pull as large as they can handle, as you get better/stronger, you can always start adding more groups to your pulls

      My one and only stalker bh ..aah would try to resurrect it one more time ​​​​​via redmi 4x with 20 and so fps. I could use 13 ft shadow video as guidance . Anyway where is he. He always made us laugh. Hope he's ok with all his worldly matters.

      Wat?? Am I seeing this right or I'm in Ripley's believe it or not?. just 47% AR for stalker BH?. Is it possible? Well I have just seen it above I hv to believe.
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