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The Arena (Beta) videos

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    The Arena (Beta) videos

    Let's add some videos from the Arena (and other Beta stuff).

    ELR mage:

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    Mage: Anba
    Bounty Hunter: Gemma

    Originally posted by bojck View Post
    Thanks, its nice to see it. The video in this link is unavailable/broken...

    I have to admit that it doesnt look so fun... (run away, attack, rinse, repeat)... or challenging for the moment... unless of course, you are the warrior - i fear that unless the warrior gets some sort of projectile, that hero is not going to be viable in the pvp


    • bojck
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      Thanks, I fixed the link. Check it out, you might find it more interesting Note that the Arcanist is a very weird build, because you have no defensive buffs until you get 10 Shards of frozen time, and then you suddenly become ultra tanky for several seconds. The goal there would be to somehow survive while this buff is down, and manage to deal enough damage when it's up. Btw all three classes have multiple viable builds. It will take a while to find the best options...

    • Beercules
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      Cool, thanks!

    bojck Thanks for sharing these videos with those of us on the outside of this beta.


      Yeah cool to see that but i wont be very addict of these pvp. But its cool that u share it to us. Would have prefer a coop play.