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    Act2 Shortcuts

    Most of the shortcuts in this video will help make fast runs in ANB when you decide to Farm GBoL at Morgenheim. Some of these aren't applicable because of the quest requirements by Alarion.

    Act 2 currently will cost more event time if you don't know the ins & outs of this Act.

    A few glaring issues with this:

    You're using a fully optimized main toon, CL'd, CT'd and enchanted to the hilt. Not at all representative of an ANB toon.

    Your freakin' video recording speed is fast (doubled???). I can tell by simply looking at the cooldown timers of the active proc'd icons. Certainly not representative of the toon's actual speed in gameplay.

    Sorry, Jeremy ... I'm a bit disappointed at your slight of hand here.
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      Regardless - the leap shortcuts are helpful for running through the redesigned Act 2. You don't need CT's or even Fury to take advantage of the leap shortcuts.

      Your points may be relevant (I don't know - I am not really a "Warrior" player too much) - but, I think it worthwhile adding / supplementing the existing Warrior Leap Shortcuts topic with the updated Act 2.

      ... ktb

    It's doubled, to save data file to upload. In my view doing an ANB hero & main doesn't have any significant difference doing story maps. 6Fury in normal mode story maps is overpowered, adding fire lily really helps a lot. Actually, I'm doing story maps this ANB on both my main & alt accounts. That video is just for leap shortcut reference, Alarions' quest as we know have side quest to be mastered to do fast story runs.
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