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    BH/War Farming

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    Nice vid! You could improve the efficiency both with bh and warrior, perhaps more than 2x:

    For gold farming in DC, better run straight to the end chests (unless you're passing right next to a side-chest). I did some limited testing, and side-chests are worth roughly 1/3 of a single end chest. So better finish a run in 15-20 sec including waiting for (most of the gold to fly in), than spend 30+ on a single run. Regarding gear, you could just use green/blue gear, mixed with some drops. 4000% is very easily achievable and cheap. If you lack firepower, just craft a lily.

    Warrior farming - here's where you definitely want ToS instead of lily. There's a very significant difference in damage, even with moderate gear. Also - use slayer enchantments on weapons and helm (once you have decent weapons, not worth enchanting that 72 : ) Also don't forget to apply the frenzy buff. To optimize navigating the map, try to move closer to the center of the map, and suck in groups of mobs with WW (cast it when you're between several groups, rather than on top of a single group). And yeah, better gear helps too : ) Also you can use both nature and physical damage on trinkets, belt and bracers - it saves a few extra seconds. You'll quickly cut trial 100-105 times to <40 sec. Kara is the easier target, and 105 drops more legendaries so that's where most people farm...

    Hope this helps
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