Here are a few quick runs at trial 115 with Defender and Firelily.

Read below for tips:

Gear: 6D, Belt of Whirling Storm, firelily, Talisman of Power/Doom, Integralas mantel, WW axe, Liberator, Deadly throw bracer. Manastims.

Enchantments and gear tips: helm: slayer gloves: block everything else is optional. Slayer on axe not necessary at this level. shield: add armor, and socket with a diamond. This adds damage to Deadly throw! Do not enchant with Tortoise, this does not add damage!

Stats: First started with xp/eg/ability/physical/movement speed. When crafting legendaries, aim for up to 3800 block rating, then little bit of vitality and haste. For farming 100-105 fast all you need is WW10, an ephemeral lvl 70 Liberator, 1500 ability rating. All other stats are less important.

Skills and passives (in order of importance):
WW 10 - instantly 50 sec runs become 30 sec.
Shield block (the higher, the better. Each level adds 400 block rating, which offers a lot of toughness and is equal to 400 power)
Charge lvl 1 - for movement only
Sword and board 10 - doubles shield armor, which transfers to damage!
Frenzy level 3 - speed buff
Fleet footed
Tough as nails - adds both toughness and damage (through shield armor)

Strategy: Pull enemies with WW. Cast when between groups. Try to move near the center lines, not along the walls. Charge long, aim between groups, not on top. Cast shield block once every 5 sec or so. When Kara shows up, for max damage wait for her swords attack, then use 2 shield blocks.

Companions: as many warriors as possible.

Lily or crit? Both are good. Lily is cheaper and doesn't need any stats to farm 105. Crit needs a lot of fire essences, and ultimately does a bit more damage.