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What has this game done to me?

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    What has this game done to me?

    I do not pay for phone games. I did not pay for Palm games (yes I am old). There are just too many free games, and I only pay for "real" games. Right? Hmm...

    That being said... What has this game done to me? I paid for the 100 gems a day, for 30 days ($4?). Then I paid $9.99 for the last 'season'. After that I unlocked the extra storage, for $4.99(?)... ish. $20 on a phone game!? (tablet, but whatever)

    Now a new season is starting and I really want to buy it too. I guess I am enjoying it? ha ha

    I guess that is not really a complaint. ?
    So, to the devs - good job!

    I love your post! I feel the same way. So many "free" to play games have devious monetization schemes. We hate how much designer time in our industry is invested in figuring out how to take money from players, not on designing super fun games. Eternium is designed to be very generous, and we hear from many players that they decide to spend $$$ precisely because you really don't have to. Both Making Fun and Dream Primer are indie companies, and we sincerely appreciate your support!


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      Wow.. dude got a CEO to respond, lol gg

    Comparatively (to the gem bundles), $4 monthly for 3,000 gems and $10 bimonthly for 10,000 gems is a great deal. A lot of us make those purchases and those are the only purchases I make as well


      Add me to the list, LOL. Retired, lots of free time, free game - I'm in, right? But what the heck, $4 a month is easy.

      But we really need to talk about this Glory problem! Once you don't have anything to spend them on it would be nice to be able to sell them off! How about 100 Glory for 10 Gems????


      • Bali_Lenni
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        If this ever should happen... and the now Eternium will survive the 'new' Eternium, please add trading in Gemstones (diamonds etc.) to trading in Glorys....

        MoTs would be the most useful !?!

      • Bali_Lenni
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        apart from Gems o.c.

      Keep it going. I don’t think you’ve seen the most fun part yet. If I ever play a game, it will be Eternium. It’s so much fun and a long lasting relationship.


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        I've played longer than you think. I read the forum for almost a year, including pages before I started playing, looking for answers or just mining the accumulated knowledge. I just didn't join the forum until I felt I had something to add.

        And yes, I know some of you folks have tons, and I mean Tons, more glories just hanging around. I've just passed the 500 mark. Come on Devs, give us something to do with them. Think of it as a loyalty reward!

      Originally posted by Blackhole View Post
      ...But we really need to talk about this Glory problem! Once you don't have anything to spend them on it would be nice to be able to sell them off! How about 100 Glory for 10 Gems????
      I certainly do not have that problem yet. Looking forward to it ha ha ?

      But in all seriousness I really appreciate that the expected paywall never came. More game makes should realize a lot of people will pay for quality content - the paywall pushes me away.


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        Trust me on this, there are many of us here that have spent 1000's of $ on this game. This is the one thing I do not regret. Not being pay to win means that the payments just reduce many frustrations that come naturally. I've requested a few times for them to include more gold in their packs and they have yet to do that. For me , that would be an easy income for the team and no amount of gold will give me a win or a better placing on the leaderboard

      Don't worry about trading in gemstones, just sell them in game for coin. You'll find something to spend that on, lol.


      • Bali_Lenni
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      yeah the monthly gems is an excellent deal, I've been using that since day 1. More like day 15, as I always try to figure out what a game is about and what's worth buying before I do it. If it's pay-to-win, I just don't buy anything and move on, as I did with Diablo Immortal... But here daily gems, stash unlock and season passes are well worth it - they just offer convenience and save time, rather than providing an unfair advantage. The other purchases provide shortcuts to compensate for the lack of patience, which is totally fair imo.

      The only place where gems offer some slightly bigger advantage is ANB Gold, but even there what I 'earn' from daily gems + daily quests is enough for me to reach nearly the same trial as I would with a significantly bigger budget.
      Mage: Anba
      Bounty Hunter: Gemma


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Name:	Screenshot_2022-10-21-07-23-10-414_com.makingfun.mageandminions.jpg
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ID:	214843 ....change of tense: What IS this game doing to me ??
        ( sn [sniggery chuckle] as in lol)

        Last season I somehow missed the season pass and then passed a period of doubt whether to abandon and thereby force myself to spend less real life time on the game....and then I did feel a litlle bit bad, not putting in my grain of support after all that has been taken. So finally I opted to continue the pass .........and behold: this game is suddenly bathing me in luck & good fortune.

        First a #25 ranking in Silver (first Top 25 ever......not #24 & not #26 !}...
        And now a 00:00 trial timer vs. a 9:59 LB timer (having had 2 timers @ 0:00 before, yet not counting in my favour\fail)

        Take your pick:
        1. Some nifty intricate DevCode benigning paying\once again paying players 2. Instant Karma
        3. Destiny
        4. Pure Coincidence
        5. Some sort of Mix of 1.-4.
        or: 7. (like in that Pixies song): improved skills due to the benevolence of the true game champions\ veterans posting help on forums...

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        Backyard FireLily (gloriosa superba)