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    No 77

    37 crafts and no 77. Am I just that unlucky? Level 50 mastery crafting on mobile. This was the one ANB I was really going to go hard.

    The highest number of crafts one can do on mobile without getting a 77 is 79…

    No 77 in 37 crafts have about 20% chance of happening.
    Mobile Only (iPhone 5 / iPad Air 1st gen / iPad Pro 11" 2nd gen)
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    • Krayville
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      Oh ok. Thanks for the reply

    • StGeorge688
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      I was crafting level 1 just to see the pattern. Did about 2000 crafts. Lowest between level 7, 26. Highest 134. This just confirmed my thoughts when crafting 77. So it is just the luck of the game when you get 77s in ANB. I have also noticed that on any given level of trials that the amount of damage (therefore amount of time) it takes to complete the level varies a huge amount. Ie. 6 billion at the low end, 9 billion at the high end. Just found that ANB's BH leader at trial level 138 needed less damage per second and total damage as player at TL 116.

      TL Damage DPS
      138 409.99B 937.45M
      116 522.81B 1.39B