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Been trying to get my time down on trial 119 and that dragon thing's I have done

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    Been trying to get my time down on trial 119 and that dragon thing's I have done

    I raised my CL to 1500 , failed drastically at crafting better gear spent millions and most of my essences worst luck, tried different Trinkets combinations then spent Glory on Vampire Brooch with Talisman of Storms and it saved my life twice and knocked off 50 secs so down 4:04 still not good enough. Will keep trying to get it down to 3 mins. Another couple hundred Cls and a week of grinding hopefully
    Using Warrior Fury build
    I justI spent Glory on Slayer so that should help so much for Bracers of Mastery I do have a Bracer with 944% Leap damage but only level 70 not really in a hurry for BoM
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    Not really given us much to work with but I am guessing that your hero is Ihonut and currently ranked #385 on the current season leaderboard.

    Not really sure why you are worried about a fast clearing time on TL 119 for the season leaderboard. The chance of a fast TL 119 clearing time being in the Top 500 for the season is not very good. If you are trying to stay in Veteran League for ANBs? You are sacrificing any shot for a Top 500 season finish.

    You really should be focusing on getting those fast TL 119 clearing times during the ANBs.

    If that warrior ever did any crafting of L71+ Legendary Set/Unique items before hitting ML 50? Not going to want to craft with the hero. Going to either run crafting heroes or replace this warrior after you clear ML 50. You can not use Pythia with a hero that has done qualifying crafts prior to ML 50. You were at 63 crafts in with zero 77s and 19 71s. So, I am pretty sure that you crafted with this hero before ML 50. Not even incredibly, horrendously, epic bad luck would yield those results with ML 50.

    Your gear stats are all over the place and not following the standard for 6 Fury.

    Have you looked that the build guide for 6 Fury?

    Were you able to claim the 200 Glory through the Steam Offer? You should be able to unlock everything that you need for 6 Fury with that 200 Glory when combined with the Glory from the Season Milestone Rewards and from ANB Milestone Rewards.

    Not running a hero in the current Gold #19? Start one immediately.

    Farm better off farming with a warrior during ANB than with the hero on the season leaderboard unless you swap out a lot of things on the season leaderboard hero. Besides, you can only get Celestial Transforms from ANBs.


      I am Ihonut and i am nuts.
      I am at trial 90 in gold waiting to level up abilities to 10 by wensday to make final push but screwed it up trying to get timer books I should have stopped alot earlier only have 1 hour and 12 mins left was hoping to make it to 120 but lucky to make it to 110. Put enchantments on everything ran out of gold had to do a couple gold runs. Next gold anb will do better will level abilities 1st then remember time under 1.5 mins thinking 2.5 mins was good enough
      this anb warrior is going to replace warrior I have because he has done everything

      Thanks appreciate the help
      Playing on a Samsung s7f 12 inch tablet 6 gig of ram love this tablet had it for a year

      Clearing 119 faster is a goal or encentive to grind for my Cls up to 1564 trying to get 1800 use an experience booster every 150 to 200 cls for a little push
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