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Bug or feature? (ELR Mage on Android mobile being shown dozens of Quests)

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    Bug or feature? (ELR Mage on Android mobile being shown dozens of Quests)


    having just finished ANB Bronze,
    I decided to compare my Hero with the one from the previous ANB Bronze, which at the moment is still slated to replace the current Quest Hero once tjat one is through.

    The old Hero (not touched since the end of its ANB) showed something I had never seen before (see screenshots).

    Is this due to an obsure bug, or s new feature of the current game version ...99?

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20230417-193405_Eternium~01.png Views:	0 Size:	199.7 KB ID:	217338 Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_20230417-193441_Eternium~01.png Views:	0 Size:	202.9 KB ID:	217340
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    Have you just installed an update as I got this after the last update. This is all the side quests being rolled into the main story. Complete them all and enjoy the extra experience points.


      And you want to complete those side quests so you can have up to 5 daily quests, which can net you 100 gems, 1M experience, and 50k gold per day. But you have to finish the side quest before it can be in the pool of daily quests.


      • WarriorSeven
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        Actually, the full set of Daily Quests (5 per day) have been and are currently generated by first completing all the Story Maps in Acts I through IV. The Side Quests were recently added back in to the main Storytelling Line (when creating a NEW toon, only) as a once-through set of rewards as you first progress in Story in Normal. These Side Quests rewards are now an additional benefit during a new ANB (other than, perhaps, ANB Gold, when you may not want to run the full Story because of the severe time crunching). Daily Quest generation did not change during the re-introduction of Side Quests.

        Once you're awarded the full set of Daily Quests, a new round begins anew at 0:00:00 UTC time every day with any active toon, although most prefer running the selected Daily Quest maps with a Main and then collecting the rewards with their ANB toon when an ANB event is running (otherwise, you just collect the rewards with any Main toon). The Daily Quests now repeat as long as you have a main toon in your arsenal.
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      Thanks for your answers.

      No one commented on the fact that the various NPCs had up to 13 yellow exclamation marks; is this then something that just I have never encountered before?


      • papa jim
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        Depends on when you started playing, side quests were eliminated and are now back, each one of those yellow exclamations marks is a side quest for you to accept and complete.

      Side Quests actually were never really eliminated ... they were just deferred until you first completed all the Story maps in Acts I through IV. Now, Side Quests run concurrently with the main Story progression from the get go, like it used to.

      Color coding is as it always has been as well. Blue=Dailies; Yellow=Sides. Exclamation Marks=Quests to be completed; Question Marks=Completed quests/tasks to be claimed for awards. The colored marks turn white/gray when the Quest/Task has been Accepted but not completed.
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