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What to do with surplus CTs?

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    What to do with surplus CTs?


    I have one hero that I keep for the Seasons - various equipment sets, each item CT'd.
    I also have one stash page full of CTs; ever since that page was filled completely, after each ANB I have equipped random items (usually greens) with the two CTs from that ANB and salvaged them, so the CTs have morphed into a slowly growing number of CEs.

    Is there a better way of dealing with the annoying "CTs don't stack" problem?

    Kind Regards, Jochen

    Accumulating CTs have been a problem for some time, and many Suggestions have been made to stack them. As I run out of stash space, I, like many, have to make a conscious choice to keep the CT in inventory or to keep a precious piece of gear. The inventoried gear was heavily invested with time and effort. A CT is also an investment created from time and effort. But which is more valuable? That is the rub. In my mind, the specially crafted and designed gear has "more" intrinsic value than a plain CT (assumption 1).

    So, I guess one thing I plan on is to start CT'ing L76 gear, either for my main or dedicated farmer. In the event I subsequently craft or get a drop of better gear (ideally an L77) I'll salvage the CT'd L76 item to release a Celestial Essence (which stack). So, low and behold, there is a "price to pay" in accumulating "too many" CTs as the game is designed now (assumption 2 -- and the Devs, deep down, are really an evil bunch, LOL).

    The issue is similar (but not equivalent) to running a brick and mortar store with limited shelf space: as sales improve, you either move to bigger digs (to sell more stuff, make more money), or if you're forced to stay put (like we are here with one Eternium account) you upgrade your inventory to higher value goods to sell (to also make more money), and your intrinsic inventory value increases (assumption 3).

    A better strategy? Dunno. But the above is something akin to the cost of doing business. Gotta love that capitalism!

    Curious to what others do, if anything!
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    • Ariant
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      Like this. :-)

    Unless things have changed - you run a mage.

    So - assuming (or not) that you have other classes. Personally, IF I am XP farming - I use a Warrior/Fury build, so you could CT that gear to maximize your XP farming. Also, I guess I can/could run a BH gold farming build, and you could CT that gear for that purpose. Or just craft XP and/or gold farming gear for your "main" character - since they aren't going anywhere - you could CT gold/xp farming gear.

    Or ... like you do - just salvage and store in your materials instead!

    ... ktb


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      Like many, I have all 3 classes as well as farming gear for them. I do, in fact, have a second mage (so 5 main toons with an extra hunter) but I do not use her often as an XG dedicated farmer. Thinking of slowly swapping it out for a warrior, a much better farmer, IMO, and dedicate it to accumulating XP.

      And I certainly have a long way to go but in no hurry. Just finished "L77'ing" (a new Eternium gerund, LOL) my Hunter to the meta hybrid for Season trials, but still need to CO many stats to perfection. Now I need to re-focus on improving the other 2 classes (about 40% there). But I can already see a need to do something with my overflow of CTs.

      No matter your particular situation, you should think about some longer term strategy to address this -- that is until the new Devs swoop in and modify code to stack these CTs.
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    So - it seems to be more or less agreed that a workable solution is...
    -to equip all those heroes you want to keep at least for a while with the maximum number of CTs,
    -eventally transform those into CEs, when you retire a hero, and...
    -when Stash space is getting tight, keep the 77s from the various ANBs and...
    -free up space by transforming CTs into stackable CEs AND...
    -hope that the devs will eventually make green jewellery boxes and CTs stackable.