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A series of questions.

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    A series of questions.

    Can you use two slayer exotic enchantments for BH or should I make one Bombardment?

    Why do we call them toons?

    In the jewelry crafting tutorial the example is shown using three of the same type of gem in the last step but each of the three rings are built using a different type of gem, is this important?

    During AnB I've been spending and hour and a half on story mode before switching to trials, is this too much?

    What does Proc stand for?

    What will I lose when the winter season ends?

    1. You can, and should use Slayer on both hands. Mages aren't so lucky with off-hands.

    2. Probably due to the appearance of the character in older versions; the appearance changed, the name stayed.

    3. The golden rule for jewelry is to socket a gemstone for an attribute present on the piece, and / or present in the resulting fused piece. In this example, on the last step, you could use either Amethyst, Topaz or Ruby because all of the corresponding attributes are present on the resulting piece. You decide upon which attribute you want with the highest value.

    4. It seems many players won't stay that long in Story Mode, and jump in trials as soon as possible. You surely noticed things are getting slower in the 2nd Act, and it's getting worse onward. The benefit from Story Mode is you can gather more gold, but you'll always get more XP in trials.I personally don't get past Siege of Anderhelm, because I have everything I need unlocked to farm the levels later on. You can always get back in Story Mode when you have more juice, and more speed. It's much easier that way.

    5. PROC is shorthand for Procedural Random OCcurrence, in the general sense an event triggered under particular circumstances.

    6. Nothing, except Spiritstones which will convert to essences when the Season ends.​
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      4. So where do you prefer to farm gold then?

    • Mxtof
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      In ANB? I use either Severed Mountain because runs are very short, or Siege of Andherhelm because more Elites with a tiny little bit more gemstone/Book of Learning drops.Both are reached very quickly, they're in the first Act.

      On my main? Darkhold Citadel or Morgenheim. You need quite some juice to farm either efficiently, and a long time to get there in ANB (it might be doable in Bronze, but I don't think the gold gain is worth the time lost)