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    I am trying an SCR build this Silver ANB. Its a Fire Lily build. My 3rd ANB, first Mage and just unlocked SCR. So far I am using an SCR exp/gold grind set. I will build a push set soon.

    If I stick with Fire Lily (mediocre drop so far) what attributes should I stack instead of CD and CR?

    I am thinking of making him kind of tanky. The dmg comes from Lightning Struck -> Singularity -> Event Horizon and VoWS.

    I am thinking AR, Deflect, Vit and maybe even Armor. Nature, Movement, LoH where appropriate. Maybe Power instead of Armor.

    Deflect = Lightning Struck from the Belt of Whispered Secrets. Currently grinding TL80. Deflect = 1% of direct damage. Not sure how to calculate how much indirect that means from Lightning Struck, but I dont think there is a better Belt for the build in any case.

    I tried Stormcaller instead of Fire Lily. I dont have CR and CD stacked so it didn’t work well. I have not tried Stormcaller instead of VoWS because I want the Haste buff.

    Anyone else have strategies for SCR?

    Last bronze I went lily SCR all the way with eph epics. It's a lot of fun but ELR is faster at xp farming and I'm going ELR for xp, SCR for push this time.
    Don't put deflect/armor on gear. Go power/AR on everything you can, lots of haste, about twice the vit/LoH you'd put for ELR. For push you can socket diamonds, they are twice as valuable as armor on gear would be. Deflect is still useless, but BoWS is the best available belt.
    I'm using the eph jewelry for xp and will craft push jewelry with 3*p/ar, 2 times vit/haste/armor.
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