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Questions around ANB (gem using etc)

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    Questions around ANB (gem using etc)

    Hey there,

    i started playing Eternium again after a long time (1 year?) at my android phone and i am glad to play again

    2 days ago i saw the ANB event and started it without knowing what is awaiting me.
    I read that ANB would be interesting and a short time event (because of the 6h gametime)
    I first wanted to start bronze but hey Gold is okay too... (maybe i should read first and play after reading...)

    Now I have 1h 15min left for my char and I think i have done a mass of wrong decisions like wrong items, playing too long in story mode, built wrong items and so on.

    I want to know what I could do better.

    1. Where shall i use gems and how much should i save for the next event?
    I increased my inventar slot to max, opened a second companion and opened all skill slots but what else should i do or maybe which items should i buy etc?

    2. I have now a mixed setup with exp at my gear and power because of fire lily. Should i build 2 setups? one for exp only and one for pushing?
    I am playing 6 set of ELR epic, 2 set of gmc epic, fire lily epic and wind spirit rare, sash of igniter because of dfa

    I read at mobile this is better than using frost beam, any opinions on that?

    I am at trial 75 now champion 346

    Is this okay for gold first time or better question which goal should i reach within 4 hours of playing?

    Thanks for any advice and sorry of my english is not perfect but i cannot find any good german guides and many english guides are good but not easy for me to read

    My first gem expense is alway the master crate at 200 gem to have mitrhil to craft a fire lily and or a vial of the wind spirit . It can be at lvl 1. This will save you lots of time to lvl up to 70. Then the rest of my gear is blue gear with xp on evry piece and a mix of haste and power for the other stat. You do story mode until u hit lvl 10 then u go trial normally you do the first one then the second stage. Im crafting new gear every 10 lvl or so. Always take a trial with higher lvl then you so if youre 20 then go do trial 30 when u reach 30 go to trial 4. All this with a 200% bopster exp. You should reach 70 in less then 30 minute. Normally take 15 to 20 min once u get used to it

    After u lvl up to 70 u can make a gold set to farm severed mountain about 30 min. That should give you about 5 million gc. Then u craft your xp set. Reach a minimum of 1200 cl. I said 1200 because it goes real fast to get there. When only 1h30 or 2 hr playtime left you make your push set and push the farther youre able to

    If you have more gem to spend you can buy a legendary crate instead of master crate


      ANB Gold is a bit of a difficult one to jump into.

      There ARE obvious benefits no matter - Getting a fully unlocked character (inventory / skills / companion slots) for 245 Gems (with no skill upgrade slots - which are costed out the same and purchased companions)

      ANB Bronze which has twice the amount of time gives you a lot more time to implement a strategic approach with far less consequence of 'mistakes'.

      Personally, I find playing an ANB with enough gems (I like to purchase both skill upgrade slots - but that is an extra 1300 Gems and I prefer to be able to have Legendary Crate - 2500 Gems), but that is certainly not necessary. It just makes it more enjoyable for me.

      Fire Lily / Vial of the Wind Spirit increase in effect with rarity so crafting those as Legendary have significant bumps in effect over Rare/Epic (and this is where the Legendary Crate helps in terms of not having to farm the materials first to be able to craft them).

      All I would say is that if you are keeping this character to transfer to your main - make sure that you have unlocked all the discounted slots (inventory / companion / abilities)

      ... KTB


        Yeah ANB Gold is hard but i am going now for trial 90 and hope i will get it.
        next time i should play bronze and test a bit.

        so 245 gems for the char and 1000-2000 gems for other things? this will be interesting



          Rob Spooner's videos on YouTube will help


            Definitely want two gear sets in ANB; one for XP farming with XP on everything including trinkets and jewelry and a second set for push, usually a CD/CR critical damage build. There have been a lot of changes to the game. From the low level of CLs, I am guessing that you built CR/CD gear, which will not allow you to gain enough CL for pushing. Use your materials and craft XP gear and use the boosters to grind out some XP. As Turgeon says you are still down in the easy XP grind levels, so even an Epic set is enough to reach TL90 in the hour that you have left. Good ;luck!


              Thanks i reached my goal of trial 90 in the last 5 minutes. I dont know if i should play at mobile with crit setup and beam or firelily and beam or dfa.

              Till now i play Power dfa with firelily but i read that beam and critbuild is much better. At PC i would go with 100% but at Phone with small Display i am unsure.


              • Teebs
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                DFA is generally an easier build to play - particularly on mobile and particularly for sub-100 Trial level

                It isn't as effective as a frostbeam build for hitting higher trials though or for farming higher (100+) trials

              • Turgeon
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                Yeah moreover you cant vortex while beaming except on pc. That is kind of a cheat isnt it?

              • Ozymandius
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                Trial 90 is a good first ANB in my book. Plus it sounds like you learned a lot from mistakes made during the event, so your next ANB will be even better.

              There are many videos or guide on how to play ANB. You may check one. Basically, because of the time limit, you want to up your level ie get xp as fast as possible.


                Yeah i saw some Videos now from Rob spooner i think Was his Name. There are many hints which i can use next time.

                And my New char has more space in his Inventar as my Main... lol


                  If you have Firelily, always make your xp set with it; crit xp set is hard to craft because of the double fire essences, and isn't even better. When it comes to push, it is easier to reach 140 with lily. When you get there you'll have a good idea if you want to switch to crit : )
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                    Thanks till now i am playing with firelily but i dont know if i should use frost damage or firedamage at the items. I read fire but there are many other Texts where frost is used too.

                    Hm Anba i saw this Name ranked #1 at this ANB. Is this you bojck ?
                    i could see you stuff and i am impressed how bad my items are ^^