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    Mage class stats

    I chose mage class what should i go for toughness recovery or damage? I already have 6k damage, 6k recovery and 8k toughness I feel like most of the mage players have a lot of damage and recovery, but less toughness. should i do the same?

    Mages and bounty hunters have the advantage of being ranged attackers with a lot of crowd control options. That’s why you see less endurance.

    How much endurance is comfortable for you I cannot say ofcourse but seeing as you give quite low numbers I’m gonna assume you are a new player. Untill you get the hang of the game and your build, a little more endurance might not be a bad thing. You need to get a feel for it basically.

    But as mister miyagi says: “best defense no be there”. You should be able to move smart and kite as a mage. Once you get a feel for that you just need enough endurance to not get one shot too much.
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