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Thermal Shock on Mobile

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    Thermal Shock on Mobile

    Hey guys i got a question…

    Im playing on Mobile Device and it seems sometimes that Thermal Shock is like Missing the Hit on a Boss.
    I got around 45-50 Stacks from Beam and my normal Fire dot from Immolate on Boss, but sometimes there is no DMG coming from Thermal Shock After i used my Nova.
    The Beam and Immolate Dots are „deleted“ after Nova, just the dmg from Thermal Shock is missing. The Nova debuff Shows also on Boss then, so i definitly.

    Someone got the Same Problem? Or, if i do anything wrong, someone got a Tip for me? I mean.. that cant be just an Aiming „Problem“?

    Sometimes thermal shock crits, sometimes it doesn't... The difference in damage is up to 50 times, if you have end-game gear and ToS is up. Btw almost all the base damage for thermal shock comes from frostfire, immolate doesn't add much (except for the up to 45% damage boost which is very significant)
    Mage: Anba
    Bounty Hunter: Gemma


    • WarriorSeven
      WarriorSeven commented
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      Sheesh ... That explains a lot. Often wondered if it was me, hardware, mouse, etc.

    Yeah, i know. Im trying Go watch about the dmg numbers when i hit nova for Thermal Shock. But sometimes it seems like there is no dmg. Also no noncrit Hit from Shock. Mostly when the Boss is standing near at a Tree, Hill or something like that.