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    Mage build help trail-110

    Hey, I just completed trail 106 and struck on trail 107

    I use arcanist vestments and forbidden knowledge with only 4 same attributes(power, vitality, life on hit, ability rate)

    I am CL440

    I use fire lily

    Spells- blizzard, blink, death from above and no companions


    Please suggest changes in sets or something else better to complete more trails


    You may want to consider the Elemental Lord's Regalia (ELR) set with Grand Magister's Command (GMC) weapons, instead of Arcanist. ELR is by far the most popular meta combo at this point in time (likely the most powerful for a Mage). This is a big investment in all new gear, so consider where you want to go from here.

    bojck has an excellent build description in the Mage Sub-Forum with gameplay nuances and videos. Most of the discussion there is still very valid even today. Worth your time to read the entire set of posts to see if the set is your cup of tea.

    Continuing with ELR/GMC discussion, if you intend to continue to use Fire Lily as one of your trinkets, continue avoiding use of Critical Rate and Critical Damage on any gear, since Crit is made useless by the Lily. Otherwise, consider a Mage Crit Build that uses Talisman of Storms (ToS) and Vial of the Wind Spirit (VoWS) as an alternative.

    Also, no matter the build, ALWAYS SERIOUSLY consider spending gems to open spots for all 3 of your companions acquired in Story Mode (Marcus, Eileen, and Robin), which will add to your base/sheet Damage, Toughness, and Recovery stats, and their stats grow as your toon stats grow.

    Finally, if you haven't done so already, you should FIRST spend the necessary time and gold to upgrade ALL your crafting recipes through Liana in the Home Town. This will greatly aid in the quality and power of the set gear you craft at Ingrid's station.

    Good luck!
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      I'm only on my second Arcanist, so FWIW, I reached Trial 111 with Lily Arcanist in Gold ANB. The Arcanist Youtube videos by H. Gross were inspring. It's also helpful to study builds on the leaderboards. Look at the pants icon to scan the board quickly, because there are Arcanist skins on some ELR mages.

      First: Farming XP to gain much higher Champion Points helps enormously. I aimed for 1200. A hero in the 400s has far less power. I maximize Movement Speed, Haste, and use some AR, in addition to the stats you have. Choice of passives can help you here. I play mobile only and can't stand being slow.

      Your abilities aren't taking advantage of the Arcanist gear bonuses. About 70% of my damage in trials comes from Cosmic Ripple. Check out what you can do with Arcane Bolts, too.

      BTW, as much as possible, I keep running a trial until I do it fast enough to unlock the next Kara. Magroth is my second choice. Good luck.


        As above , but TIME is something to think about here … this isn’t ANB, this is building a character, so I’d also suggest going back to a level you can finish reasonably quickly, and get farming for some equipment, experience and essences that you can salvage to create new gear at some point in the future .. I’m guessing you’re reasonably new, so you haven’t got many gems to spend on things yet too … it all takes time … also, don’t forget tha5 once you’ve got some essences, you can also use those for enchantments to boost your character too … takes time