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Never be afraid to try something different

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    Never be afraid to try something different

    This ANB I had the opportunity to enter my second account into the ANB, so I thought I’d enter a mage from my Mage Account.

    I had self imposed restrictions on what I’d do, ie barely spending gems, just opening one Ability upgrade slot etc etc etc

    I had a drops of the Forbidden Knowledge weapon set, so I thought I’d give that go with my Regalia Set as I had NO crafting materials whatsoever to speak of.
    i was very pleasantly surprised, as I hadn’t really used it before, as to how useful it is.

    ok, it required a different style of play, lots of more movement than usual, no frost beam, and using fast ability skills To get my RIPPLE effect ….
    I was pleasantly surprised

    what I’ve been building up to say is that you should never be afraid to try a different style of p,ay or try something different in an ANB event …
    or at any time

    have fun whilst you are playing Eternium

    Got to be honest though,, the Igneus weopon (Grand Magisters) set really came into its own later on and during story mode


      Gotta say, I'm impressed with your juggling 3 separate accounts. I'm not there yet, but maybe one day. I guess there are many that do this as well. Another interesting aspect of the game's flexibility to help reduce the monotony.
      “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” – Japanese proverb


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        Yes, I got to admit, it can be a handful, but it just helps me organise myself so that I can try lots of different styles of play with the different armour sets and characters etc

        I do like to have variety!