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    Newbie Questions

    I starting playing / replaying again just a week or so ago. I have a mage from ANB that is now lv 70 / lv 300 and I have 5 of the ELR armor pieces unlocked along with 30 Glory. I wanted to create my first armor set and realize I do not have so much in terms of mats and titans that I can create several sets of legendary yet. I am struggling with my blue experience and haste gear to do trials above lv 30

    I am following this guide: and the guide says I should aim for:
    - ELR armor set: 6 pieces —> I can do 4 of the 6 right now
    - GMC weapons: 2 pieces - staff and tome —> have both from drops and can have the tome recipie
    - Frostfire sash —> Have not bought but understand this is the priority item
    - Vial of Wind Spirit
    - Talisman of Storms (initially Talisman of Power will work better)
    - Integralas mantle or (Azure) Carnival cape
    - Slayer (weapon enchantment) —> Do not have
    * Fire Lily & Talisman of Power (if you have the Glory, start with Fire Lily) —> Not enough glory
    * For a Death from Above build use Sash of the Igniter​

    1. Does it make sense to start crafting legendary now or should I upgrade from blues to purples and stay with that?
    2. If I do legendary should I combine experience and gold together or create these as separate sets?
    3. If I go purple, I would take haste, Exp and then what??? (Ability Rate, Power, Fire Damage for shatter, crit chance)?

    I suspect my goal would be to get up to lv 104 / 105 trials where I can maximize my experience and get good drops to further salvage and craft an ideal end game set. Thank you for your advice.

    Do not indicate when you stopped playing. Did you see an offer for a Steam reward when you returned? That 200 Glory really helps get things rolling.

    What have you spent your Glory on so far? Looks like you have unlocked the Vial of the Wind Spirit, Talisman of Storms and the Sash of the Igniter. Have you unlocked anything else? Those three items consumed 50 Glory which is what is available from a season without a Season Pass. You indicate that you still have 30 Glory and just trying to see if you have any cleared Season Level 20 yet or not.

    You do not indicate whether or not you have unlocked the mage Bracer of Mastery.

    Stick with crafting for a Death from Above build right now to enable higher trial level farming. However, Bronze #20 will likely start in around 75 hours and you can get up to another 80 Glory from that ANB. A Frost Beam build is not really effective without the Frostfire Sash.

    For your questions:

    1. Legendary is always better but it is more important to have all the necessary pieces. Typically, better to go Epic and have all the pieces rather than go Legendary and run out of materials before you have everything. Legendary weapons are a necessity as higher quality, Legendary, weapons have a higher possible maximum damage than lower quality weapons, Epic.

    2. Combined experience and gold farming really only works when you are running a with a Fire Lily and it causes your experience farming to suffer. Combining gold farming with your experience farming is not something that you really want to do outside of ANBs as dedicated gold farming is a much more efficient use of Currency Boosters. Having experience on your gold farming gear is fine but completely unnecessary as Rare gear is more than enough for basic golf farming.

    3. I do not have a good answer for this one. I do not run critical build. The question is balancing Critical Damage with Critical Rating along with Haste and Power.

    Do you have your crafting Mastery Level (ML) up to 50 yet?

    One thing that you could focus on right now is farming gold to pay gold only for all the recipes from Liana and also raise your crafting ML. That only requires the GMC set and a Regalia Robe to very successfully farm story level 4-43.

    Did not help you with what stats to put on your Epic gear but hopefully that gives you some ideas.


      I would have replied sooner but flu struck on the 23rd and I'm only just recovering now!

      I have a video for a hybrid early mage build using epics for a 'Crit Build Exp ' set over at

      It's designed for low CL Mages without full ELR gear and not able to craft legendary. It's not going to be the fastest clears but will let you fight higher level Trials to collect better drops.

      For the specific questions...

      1. I'd recommend holding off crafting legendary set items until you have your Crafting Mastery level up to 50.

      2. Separate sets, as Tin Man says a combined set requires Firelily to be more effective.

      3. Hopefully the video helps answer that


        If you can't afford Slayer there is one under greater enchantments think it is called flurry that has haste it makes a difference. I used it until I got Slayer
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