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Crit or FireLily for higher TL

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    Crit or FireLily for higher TL

    Hi all,

    My mage is lv 70 (1470 Champion levels) and can do TL 100 but slowly. I see others doing lv 120 - 140 and I cannot manage the times they hit on lv 95 let alone TL100+.
    I am running FireLily (experience, haste, power and gold) on my gear. I struggle with surviving the mobs at first. I need to gather a large following to frost beam them down, but just one hit and I can die. So vitality seems low, but then so does my damage for when the boss finally comes.

    What gear (Fire Lily or Crit),Attributes on gear and Champion level is needed to be able to easily clear Champion level 120+ and finish in the top 100 to get good medals?


    To reach the highest levels you will need to drop Gold and XP bonuses to just focus on firepower and defense attributes. With Fire Lily, Power and Haste seem the most commonly used attributes on the highest ranked players. For some reason AR gets little attention and I'd be curious if others have insight as to why. Besides Power and Haste I usually do a mix of Vitality and Armor (more on the former), Move on boots/pants, and a Life on Hit or two. Deflect and Regeneration seem to be little used as well.

    It's also important to get as close to L77 with the gear as possible and CT as many items as you can as every level provides a pretty big boost in the stat ranges. Hope this helps.


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      You can get away with lower AR if you really have all you timings for skill execution and attacks worked out and are able to trigger your most damaging attacks to conicide with Talisman procs. Not something for newer players and takes a lot of practice. I aim for 1500 AR so I can have one Frostbeam + Thermal Shock cast during a Talisman proc, and a second rotation whilst the Talisman is on cooldown. The really cool kids go with lower AR to invest in more Power, putting all their eggs in one basket to do a single Frostbeam + Thermal Shock with the Talisman active - this does huge damage - then wait around for skills and Talisman to reset and go again. Not for the faint hearted!

    Firelily tops out in the mid-to-high 150s in Trials, Crit builds can go about 10 TLs higher. Which to go for, and stat distribution will depend on whether you're on mobile or pc, and playstyle.


      Is there a post with the icons showing what the proc looks like and what effects are active? I do see a few icons in the upper left when doing trials, but I do not know what they mean


      • Tin Man
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        Click on the icon for your hero or the actively targeted enemies and you will see the description and impact indicated by the various icons.

        Be warned that the countdown shown without an icon is for Slayer but it is still described when you click on the icons.