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ELR ability order on bosses. removing frozen before beaming?

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    ELR ability order on bosses. removing frozen before beaming?

    I've seen a number of people saying that the order should be frost nova+imolate and then beam on a boss. They claim you want to get the +45% damage from immolate.

    In many video's at high trial levels I keep seeing people use beam on a boss without using nova first.

    In reading the descriptions - beam does double damage to frozen targets.

    The Grand Magisters command removes burning when casting a frost ability, and removes frozen when casting a fire ability.

    Why would I ever immolate the boss if having them frozen ( or northern winds) makes my beam do double damage?

    Wouldn't using immolate on the boss remove the frozen 100% more damage and replace it with a 45% more damage?

    Is there a mechanic I am missing or misunderstanding?

    Thanks to anyone helping a noob out.
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    Yes Immolate will remove the 'physically' frozen effect, however if Northern Wind is active then the boss is still counted as frozen and so you still get the benefit from that too.

    Depending on a build, and how low a top level player has gone with their Ability Rate, then skipping Frost Nova before Immolate and then Frostbeam can be more beneficial, as they will want Frost Nova available immediately after Frostbeam for the Thermal Shock proc (carefully timed to coincide with talisman procs too).


      There is a thread on a similar topic where goes into great detail including a video:

      This might help answer some of your questions.
      Is it a universal debuff? For example when I'm fighting a boss should I nova-->immolate-->beam-->nova or nova-->beam-->immolate-->nova? If the latter does indeed give a 45% dmg buff to my thermal shock is it even worth the 1+ second for skill queuing? Or is it the case that targets affected by immolate


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        My goodness, I'd completely forgotten I'd made that video!! Got too many plates spinning atm the keep track of everything!!
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      Thank you guys. Tin_man got back to me on discord shortly after my post. My confusion was in that I didnt realize that northern winds was a self buff, while the frozen status is an enemy debuff. All is clear to me now.