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On Arcane Belt of Shielding

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    On Arcane Belt of Shielding

    Arcane Belt of Shielding lvl 77: +8800 deflect, -1100 Armor.

    There are several things to consider here, I'll go through each of them:

    1. Toughness decrease because of the lost armor.
    This is tricky. A lvl 77 belt decreases armor by 1100 *on paper*. But there are a few more things to consider: armor increase from CPs; armor reduction from glass cannon; armor buff from Marcus. To do your calculations it is easiest to use the current configuration your hero uses. For mine this means 25% armor from CPs, Glass cannon, no Marcus. Here are my armor value with a different belt (also 679 base armor), and with a belt of shielding. Conclusion: 14.7 % more damage taken because of the lost armor.

    armor damage reduction damage taken toughness factor toughness factor loss:
    (out of 100)
    5869 0.7964445651 20.35554349 4.912666667
    6955 0.8225901833 17.74098167 5.636666667 1.147374135

    2. Average toughness increase from deflect
    Lvl 77 increases deflect from 2100 to 10900. Conclusion: 28.6% less damage taken on average because of gained deflect.

    deflect deflect damage taken toughness factor toughness factor gain:
    chance (out of 100)
    2100 0.084 94.96 1.053074979
    10900 0.436 73.84 1.354279523 1.286023835

    3. Is it worth it? 14.7% less toughness from armor, 28.6% more from deflect
    Armor reduces damage taken from all sources. Deflect (when successful) reduces damage taken by 60%. It does not work against DoT attacks (fires, dragon breath, life drain etc).

    Deflect adds an element of randomness, and the lost armor decreases the ability to take single big hits. E.g. if I have 100 hp, a hit that deals 90 without the belt will deal ~105 with the belt, and thus kill me. So if I take single big hits that kills me because of the lost armor, e.g. a Magroth attack, I might prefer 14% toughness from armor to 28% from deflect.
    If I receive a lot of smaller hits, deflect is the way to go. So in mob phase and against most bosses I prefer 28% from deflect than 14% from armor.

    4. How do armor and deflect affect recovery?
    The same way. Adding/losing armor/deflect increases/decreases recovery by just as much. Note this is unlike vitality, which does not increase recovery.

    5. Reflected damage
    Reflected damage is huge against single big attacks, e.g. Magroth meteor. There are strategies that revolve around this. Currently not good against most bosses and mobs.

    6. Sheet toughness/recovery visualization
    Armor shows on the hero sheet. Deflect does not (adding deflect does not increase your sheet toughness/recovery)!​
    Mage: Anba
    Bounty Hunter: Gemma

    Acamar claims to increase deflected damage [The Mage deals 100% more damage with deflected attacks.]. Do your stats reflect this additional damage?


      I would be interested to see the game play on the TL163 clear in under 5 mins with less than 2000CL dealing over 100B dps with Cosmic Ripple.


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        hah yeah I don't know why these guys always choose hacking ripple damage, guess it's the easiest... But also too obvious