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Arcane bolts slow to fire

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    Arcane bolts slow to fire

    Is there any way to speed up the rate of fire with arcane bolts as there seems to be a delay before they start and although they do a lot of damage haste doesn't seem to be improving it.

    Not sure there's much more you can do here. And there aren't many fans of arcane bolts as a main attack. The design of the action is what it is (to me, it's like a bunch of neon snowballs pummeling the enemy ).

    Not sure of your build, but you may want to experiment with something other than bolts as an attack if you don't like the effect. Your build design determines what you should be using as a primary (and sometimes secondary) attack, so some thought in gear selection is important here as well.
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    • Tin Man
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      Using Arcane Bolts is not uncommon with Arcanist and SCR. Not everything mage is ELR.

    I am using the arcanist set as a test although strangely. I have found arcane bolts quite good against a single target like a boss however that's only up to trial 100 as that's usually my limit :-) . Ah well I hoped maybe I wasn't doing something right. Thanks for taking the time to reply warrior I appreciate it.


      Arcanist is actually a very decent build for new players. bojck recently created a thread with build particulars that you may be interested in if not seen already here:
      Placeholder topic for alternative builds (not frostbeam or Stormcaller). Death from Above (144 Garm in ANB Bronze 22):
      “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” – Japanese proverb


        excuse me
        hopefully this is the right section to ask. well it's still related to this arcanist thing new with arcanist.
        try to familiar with it at our ANB

        i use the versatile belt
        now how to attack proper?

        am i doing it right?

        arch lightning follow by arcane bolt
        then time warp blink lastly singularity

        one question:

        do i have to start with arch lightning? can i just used arcane bolt??
        sometime i find it difficult trying to used both skill

        hv a nice day

        Shield warrior Lover i'm afraid
        trial 181 in 9:08 min (Spring Season). can't be worse can't it. O dear.

        brooch of vampirism thing. suddenly not bad. My charm of qol fail at 181 but vampirism success.

        Hv a nice day


        • WarriorSeven
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          Review bojck 's thread, link in my post above. Summarizing his main ideas:

          1. Typical attack -- but certainly not the only idea -- is to use Arcane Bolts as a Primary Attack to a single target -- typically an Elite or Boss -- with Arc Lightning reserved as a Secondary against mobs and minions. BUT -- depending on your style of play, you could certainly swap these button positions, depending on how you approach gameplay in either Story or Trials. I'd say experiment in both, and you can easily swap attack positions using one more than the other. Playing on PC with a mouse (alternate clicking left button/right buttons) is certainly easier than on mobile, one of the drawbacks with this build -- as is the case with others, as well.

          2. Cast the Abilities in sequence: Time Warp (~21 sec cooldown) -> Blink (~11 sec cooldown) -> Singularity (~14 sec cooldown) until you accumulate 6 Shards of Frozen Time (you get these with the 6-piece Arcanist vestment set). Then a 7th Shard procs which deals 400% Bonus damage ( = 100% from the Arcanist Set 2-piece bonus + 300% from the 6-piece bonus). bojck recommends to stay CLOSE to your enemies when you get that 7th Shard, since the Eridanus Weapon Cosmic Ripple deals a whopping 10000% damage in a nice radius around your Champion when it procs. Then spam Arcane Bolts at any remaining/straggler minions.

          3. Most damage comes from that Eridanus Weapon Cosmic Ripple (it fires automatically when ANY of the above Ability cooldowns times out). Again, the Main single attack damage is from Arcane bolts, with help from Brooch of the Stormcaller trinket and the main weapon Cosmic Ripple.

          Timing all of the above takes a bit of practice, but it can be quite effective when mastered. Train yourself to look for the proc/cooldown icons in the upper left-hand part of the screen to optimize the cooldowns, especially for the 7th Shard of Frozen Time and the subsequent Cosmic Ripple damage.

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          Many Thanks Warrior Seven