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Critical Hit Chance and Shatter

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    Critical Hit Chance and Shatter

    So... Before I start, I have read and watched most tutorials. Thanks Bojck and Wispy
    I have been trying TL163 for some time now and when I clear the trash in under 5mins my DPS is on average 120-140B.
    Then I am faced with Elban who for some strange reason am barely able to land a critical hit shatter.
    My Crit Chance is over 50% but it feels more like 5%, which by the time I do kill him(1-5mins after timer runs out) my DPS has dropped down to 60B.
    Does Elban have a resistance to critical hits or am I just missing something? I just feel like I should be able to complete this trial if I landed 50% of my crit shatters.
    I figure I will get there soon, but again, it feels like luck will need to be on my side for those critical hits

    Yes, most bosses have built in resistance to attacks. When you look at Elban, you should see a red health status bar just below his name. Just above that is a blue status bar. When the blue bar is showing, his defenses are up and your attacks will have limited effects. You have to wait for the blue bar to drop down to zero, then you have a narrow window of time to launch your best attacks before the blue bar resets. If you are not watching for the blue status bar if feels like "luck," but once you know what to look for, it becomes strategy. Elban is tricky because the attack window is very short before he launches a counter attack (e.g., life drain) and he moves around a lot, but with practice, he will become "easier" to manage.

    p.s. - though nothing is very easy at higher trial levels.