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Crafting cheap firelily jewelry (ANB or season) + ANB Platinum on a budget trial 100-148

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    Crafting cheap firelily jewelry (ANB or season) + ANB Platinum on a budget trial 100-148

    Here's how to craft a cheap push ring/necklace:

    Sort rings based on quality for each stat, lets call the power rings p1, p2... p6.

    Step 1 (greens):
    Use 1 jbox for power (or 3 best power greens fused with best rubies available). 6 power greens fused without gemstones (p1, p3, p4), (p2, p5, p6)

    Fuse (haste1, h2, h3 with trillion sapphires), (h4, h6, h7 no or trash gemstones), (h5, h8, h9)

    Fuse (ability 1, a2, a3 with trillion amethysts), (vitality 1, v2, v3 with trillion emeralds), (a4, a5, v4 without)

    Step 2 (blues):
    Fuse blue p1, p2, p3 with radiant rubies

    Fuse h1, h2, h3 with trillion/radiant sapphires

    Fuse a, v, a/v with trillion/radiant amethysts/emeralds

    Step 3 (purples): Fuse p, h, a/v with radiant rubies.

    The result is as good as ephemeral firelily jewelry, and is very cheap to make. If low on gemstones, use radiants instead of trillions. For better quality use brilliants, and use teardrop/radiants for the rest of the greens (e.g. h4-h9).

    Mage: Anba
    Bounty Hunter: Gemma

    WTF is firelily jewelry?
    “Fall down seven times, get up eight.” – Japanese proverb


    • Wulfric
      Wulfric commented
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      Fire Lily jewellery is presumably rings/necklace which goes with the use of the Fire Lily trinket so no need to have critical damage/critical rating

    • bojck
      bojck commented
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      yes, just jewelry that's used with Fire lily. Not something a warrior might need : )

    • WarriorSeven
      WarriorSeven commented
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      Well, okay ... a new bojck term then, never used that way before. A bit "odd" to label a jewelry class that's actually devoid of certain things.

      So, if I was to create a special label for Toughness Jewelry, for example, it might HAVE attributes ... say things like ... of Vitality, Life on Hit, etc. instead of calling it Non-Toughness Jewelry that didn't have any of those.