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    Arcanist is back

    Eternium mage: Trial 162 with Arcanist | Early season trials

    Copying the video description, sorry for the formatting:

    Mages, it is time to search through the stashes for old Arcanist gear and craft new items! Arcanist is back, and it's good. Here's a brief overview of gear, skills, stats and strategy. Gear: 6 Arcanist armor Forbidden knowledge weapons Cape of the 3 special socket Prismatic Chronocord Arcane bolts bracers Talisman of Storms Charm of QoL Important enchants: Head: slayer or osmosis (osmosis only if boss fights are longer, perhaps 3-4 minutes) Staff: slayer Gloves: 500 deflect is a good one Skills: Arcane bolts: with the belt they deal a lot of damage and also reduce talisman cooldowns Arc lightning: increases attack speed and debuffs enemies (25% more damage taken) Time warp: extra damage and attack speed, slows enemies down Immolate: enemies take up to 45% extra damage. Short cooldown. Adds 1 SoFT or Blink: teleport in and out of trouble, adds 2 SoFT Paradox: 5 sec immunity, then protective shield and damage buff Glass cannon Power infusion Mage armor (adds up to 3k deflect. Deflect deals significant damage with this build) Companions: mix of healers and archers Stats: As much CD, power and crit rating as possible arcane damage ability - 1500 is a good starting point, then adjust haste - aim for 1500-2000, then adjust defensive stats: add some vitality if needed. Tip: add it to jewelry, stones and enchants, so you can remove easily once you master the build. deflect is an alternative, as it also adds damage, but I'd rather stick to pure damage stats Spiritstones: This season go for lethalades + manastims (in a crit build) Lily or crit: With lethalades crit is significantly stronger. Strategy: Most of the damage comes from Cosmic ripple in mob phase, and less from Arcane bolts and deflect. Against bosses Arc bolts takes the lead. Gather a few groups of enemies. Use your skills to generate shards of fronzen time (SoFT). Run around and kite. When you are at 6-7 shards, get ready do dive in to trigger a massive cosmic ripple (at 10 SoFT). Dive in only with Paradox immunity. E.g. at 6 shards wait until paradox is available. Case paradox. If using immolate, run in the middle of the pack, then cast immo/time warp to get to 10 SoFT. With blink, just teleport in the middle of the pack when you have 8 SoFT, and enjoy the big ripple! Optionally use vortex to group enemies tighter together (and immolate on top). When paradox immunity expires, either cast it again, or run/blink away. You don't want to overstay your welcome. Note that you cannot cast paradox again until the immunity is over, so be careful.
    Mage: Anba
    Bounty Hunter: Gemma

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