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? Mobile Friendly Games? Low on boredom :)

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    ? Mobile Friendly Games? Low on boredom :)

    Curious what you enjoy playing that's truly mobile-friendly. I'm seeking a single-player Fantasy RPG with a storyline and battles, and I'm curious about Mystery games or anything involving archaeology.

    BTW, I was never a gamer, unless we count my discovery of Temple Run in early lockdown.
    ​​​As much as I enjoy many aspects of Eternium, the requirements for enduring brain- and body-numbing tedium push my limits. I'd rather spend a day puking than ever again do anything as aggravating as reaching crafting mastery 50. I struggle with playing those tiresome Trials. 1500 CTs is my limit so far, and I only managed that with 200% XP boosters and crafting crates.

    I play on Android only. I'm thinking ahead. Unless something new emerges, I'm not seeing much growth potential here as a mobile player. I'm running out of things to buy with Glory. Leaving for a year last winter made it possible to enjoy Eternium again.

    Diablo Immortal is scheduled for release on June 2, 2022. I share your opinion about the mind-numbing drudgery of Eternium. I have posted many times myself about the need for new content. I plan to check out DI when it becomes available. Gameplay videos of the alpha build look awesome. I like Eternium, but the developers need to move forward rapidly with new content, or players will move on rapidly to something new, better, and exciting. DI looks to claim that spot. BTW, DI is designed for mobile play and will be available for iOS, Android, and PC.
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      Fantastic news. Thanks, Tolimar. I signed up on the Diablo site months ago and lost track of when it's releasing.
      I agree. Eternium has wonderful potential, yet it's still stuck on the same metas and same events. All the 'Coming Soon' stuff from when I joined last autumn remains unavailble.

      It was good to see some improvements when I returned, such as with the Arcanist build, yet most of the available builds remain under-powered. Unless I've missed something, there isn't any word of when a rumored new build, new area in town, or further upates to existing builds might happen. Glad to know the wait for Diablo Immortal is nearly at an end.

    I really enjoy Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space. Single Player, perfect for mobile, complex and interesting battles requiring some planning ahead.

    Plus, you really don't need to spend any money on it. Of course, it also requires farming, but it's far more varied and enjoyable than in Eternium.

    CL 2100
    Anisaz, Extra Gold BH, TL 7 (too lazy)
    Keril, confused Mage, TL 7 (can't be bothered)
    Ohad, shieldmaiden, TL 115


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      Thanks, Fish knife. That sounds fun. I'll take a look. I enjoy strategizing. That's one of my favorite parts of Eternium. I've been playing here without cash, and I appreciate that option, especially for trying new things. Good to know the farming is more varied than here. I realized I've got to take time off from Eternium because most of the DQs have reached the point where I'd rather skip the gems. A cat in space...yes.
      Congrats on your shieldmaiden.

    Rpg? Just 2:

    1. Diablo original and expansion (school/college period)
    2. Late 2017 - ?? Eternium
    Non RPG? A few: monopoly etc
    Most exciting non RPG to me? Well I like anything old school dracula & vampires: novels or movies. You name it. Although live in South east Asia: wat I haven't watch?? 1932? Hammers and BBC series? (1958-1979), USA type? ( I like Salem's lot 1979 & the lost boys)

    Then I start to search: is there any old school dracula games: OMG there is: Fury of Dracula Android board game.

    Thus my favourite game: Eternium (rpg), Fury of Dracula (digital board game)

    Thank you

    ANB Silver #15 Mage Trial 131
    ANB Silver #16 BH Trial 143
    PURIST Mobile user


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      Thanks, TheExorcist. Are you going to try the new Diablo?
      I grew up playing Monopoly.
      Old school vampires are an interest of mine, and the Hammer films are gems. I've read a lot of vampire and horror books.
      You might explore using a VPN to increase your content access.
      I'm going to find Fury of Dracula. A digital board game will be completely new. Great idea.

    My RPG Resume:
    Wizardry c.1990
    Dragon Warrior (now Dragon Quest series) on Nintendo, a bit “cartoony” but lots of fun
    EverQuest, from the beginning in 1999 for 16 years until c. 2015 - my favourite RPG!
    World of Warcraft
    Diablo series
    Might and Magic, just dabbled
    Eternium, started years ago, quit because of “apparent” difficulty, decided to play in earnest April 2021, played steadily since:
    Tolimar, deleted first character, Mage, created before I knew what I was doing;
    Farwalker, BH, Stalker Build, fully CT’d gear except jewelry, completed Trial 128 (barely), instant death entering Trial 129;
    Farstrider, BH, Havoc/Demo Build, 8 pieces of gear CT’d, completed Trial 133, mostly killed by mobs, bosses manageable, spent a lot of real money and time getting here, feel like I’m plateauing and that further time and money won’t be justified by the results;
    Earendel, BH, Havoc/Demo Build, most recent ANB Silver Hero, completed Trial 126, #326 on Leaderboard at ANB end, not sure if I want to do this again…
    Oh, BTW, add Baldur’s Gate, way too complicated; and real Dungeons and Dragons (with the dice and little figurines for the heroes)…sigh, those were the days…
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    • Raingold
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      You've progressed much father here than I have. Congrats on your successes in high trials!
      My Arcanist has partly CT-ed gear, and I built my first BH a few ANBs ago. 115 is my highest trial so far, with Arcanist.

      For me, a major disincentive to spending money here is the history of builds nuked without warning. And once a build is destroyed, it stays that way for years. It was weird to discover that Arcanist used to be a top build. When I joined, Warrior had just been was discouraging. Those things and the lack of
      communication from the developers keep me leery of getting attached to anything here.

      The art, the worlds, the battles...there's a lot to enjoy here. It becomes addicting, up to the point when aggravation and boredom take over. Taking breaks may be my best strategy for having fun with it.

      BTW, counteracting dying has been one of the greatest challenges with BH and Mage. I finally improved my results with Arcanist via a load of Diamond brilliants, an assload of Vitality, Dodge on a few pieces, Obfuscation enchantment, and intensified offence. Those instant death from mobs get to be a downer. My BH is Havoc/Demo. It was more fun than I expected, and I've been collecting Stalker gear. I'm testing a non-ANB Stormcaller.

      When I can stand it, I may level up my recent warrior so I can use him for all the Leap shortcuts on DQs. I deleted my Main Warrior by mistake. No other character has his mobility. Taking another character through the worst parts of Act 2 is a low priority.

      Far more excited for the Diablo Immortal release and trying out the other suggestions here. I missed out on Dungeons & Dragons and all the rest, although I'm a lifelong Fantasy fan. Sounds like great times. Thanks again!

    • Tolimar
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      You know far more about the nuances of Eternium than I. For example, I don’t think I would ever realize that a build had been nuked or destroyed because I don’t think I have ever pushed one to its limits. I started my first character, a Mage, before I knew anything about the forums, different builds, crafting, really anything about the game at all. I relied on past experience with other RPGs but by the time I found the forums and the treasure trove they contain, I think I had done so much wrong in building my Mage (Tolimar) that I finally deleted him as a bitter disappointment. I did somewhat better with my Stalker Build BH, I tried to follow the guides and advice in the forums, but ultimately I think I again did some things wrong. All his gear is CTd, except the jewelry, yet he has hit a wall at Trial 129. Other BHs on the Leaderboards have finished higher Trials with less CTd gear, far less damage and toughness, less CPs. I assumed I was far less skilled a player and that was a major contribution to my apparent failure. I learned a lot by watching videos of BHs in high level trials. With my latest BH, I went to the Leaderboard and looked at the #1 ranked player who had completed Trial 197! I took pen and paper and looked at each piece of equipment and wrote everything down, type of equipment, attributes, enchantments, socketed gemstones, etc. etc. etc… I was a little confused because the player had equipped four pieces of havoc and two pieces of demo armor. Back to the forums where I found that this was actually a thing! I followed the info that I had written down, and used it to build my second BH with what I now know is the Havoc/Demo build. I had brought this BH over from an ANB so he was already level 70 with all the CPs of my Main account - so glad I didn’t delete him as I usually do with my ANB characters when the ANB is over. I noticed an immediate improvement in performance over my Stalker BH, but was still unhappy. I did not seem to be doing enough damage and was dying far too often in Trials (in the 120s) that I was able to complete. The last piece of the puzzle was in a guide on the Havoc/Demo build. It mentioned values for three attributes that seemed to be “off” in my Build. One solution would have been to craft new equipment and juggle attributes to obtain the desired values. But I was hesitant to mess with the Build too far from the advice in the forums and what I had copied down from the Leaderboard. And by this time I had already decided that I would never craft equipment outside of an ANB because trying to craft during regular gameplay is a complete waste of time, gold, and crafting materials. The solution was to juggle socketed gemstones. I finally got the Build close enough to the specs in the forum and was able to complete Trial 133. I did die but not drastically more than other players that had finished 133. And getting Elban to spawn was harder than defeating Elban in the end. I think my ability to move, attack, and dodge needs improvement, but I think some of the problem is inherent in the mobile platform itself. Thanks for taking the time to share your insights. I, too, am enjoying the Havoc/Demo build, enough to stick with Eternium at least through the next ANB.

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      Tolimar, I think I only started reading the forum earlier than you did, and even so, I knew very little in my first ANBs.. The level of player dissatisfaction served as a warning. In the Zone got 'nerfed' among other things, leaving many Warriors players invested in over time damaged.

      Yes, gameplay videos, meta guides, and LB details of the top builds are excellent resources. I empathize with the difficulties of adjusting a build. I've made many mistakes. The Furious Flaming Axes guide in the Warrior Barracks gave me early inspiration to focus on enjoyment and going my own pace with ANBs. My competitive streak kicked in a bit when I started earning medals, and I became obsessed with solving the dying problem with my mage.

      For me, studying and practicing mob management, movement patterns, and attack sequences made a major difference--still in progress. H. Grosse has generous video guides.

      I like to pair an attack I use often in the opposite arrow-shaped rune to the potion one. That made it easier for me speed up applying healing in time. I trained myself to cast >< as a combo.

      Yes, Mobile has many disadvantages. I use my tablet's boost function often to kill background processes that suck battery, and I close Eternium often. I keep a lot of bloatware frozen. I find performance improves when I refresh the game frequently and take long breaks to keep my device relatively cool. I put it screen-down under the AC.

      There's a .io LB that show device type. I felt better when I realized most people ahead of me are on more powerful systems. I'm killing it considering I've got low FPS. You are, too. I'm glad you got your Havoc/Demo BH balanced. It's a good build, fun to play.
      If you can ever stand it, a Warrior is the easiest build on touch screen. You can skip entire map sections and even leap from one arm of a trial map to another, plus whirlwind at 10 gathers and slaughters mobs at high speed. It's tough to switch to one of the other heroes after Warrior because they have to go the long way everywhere.

      I actually enjoy customizing builds to my device and play style, even though it's risky. I've gotten better at gold running to support my experiments. BTW, to make DQs and gem map runs tolerable, I bench companions other than a healer, the same as with my gold runs. I like to vortex enemies for currency gems and mats, and part of the time, I keep my finger on the screen for max speed moving through them groups--such as on Morgenheim runs.

      This thread was a major help. Good to check in with you. I decided to take a break from gaming for a few days in order to renew enjoyment. Wishing you a gratifying ANB.
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