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Gaming in Different Countries \ Cultures ....

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    Gaming in Different Countries \ Cultures ....

    Hello. Thought about starting an off-topic on "gaming" in a larger sense in different cultures and decades (historical). Would love to learn more about it from different places in the world.

    So might as well start off with me, since I am not a gamer really and can only talk of personal experience.

    Probably an oldie already by now, my first game ever was playing that Atari ping_pong game (bar at the bottom reflecting a moving dot) at a friends house. Had to wait for the Commodore64 under the Christmas tree to play the likes of Pacman, Frogger, Scrambles, Summer Games (with surfing!!!) using casettes & then floppy disks before the usb_like_blocks came out.
    Moving to Hong Kong in the 80's it was Arcade World and what really impressed me as a zitty kid was the number of adults (in Europe\German culture videogames was pretty much kids only to my awareness) in the arcades spending their whole lunchbreak thrashing away at space invaders while barely gulping down some instant noodles or a sandwich.
    Back in europe in the 90's played a bit of RPG but mainly had other interests.
    Only the Covid Lockdown brought me back to... ,..well Eternium only really - guess it reminded me the most of those old school games and no necessity to spend any real money. Started with my son and daughter, but both abondened me for Mobile Legends, which is absolutely humungous here in Bali (Indonesia in general ?)
    Here in Bali the digital age for the masses pretty much only started about 10 to 15 years ago with the advent of the smartphone. Noone here has computers or laptops or even tablets unless they need them for work or studies (starting to change slowly) but mobile gaming is huge with the kids. One of the reasons surely that it is a cheap hobby but big fun potential. Village people from my generation in general do not have "hobbies" (interests yes o.c.) and the concept of a "weekend" or doing something fun on a Sunday is still a pretty new concept.

    Well enough babbling from me.

    What is\was the gaming situation in the U.S. \ Korea \China (H.K. was still a British Colony back then) \ Australia \ etc. ??

    Backyard FireLily (gloriosa superba)
    [ BrokenGarm , LenniGold , LenniXP ]

    Thanks for the share.
    That's a bit of a hard opening to follow...
    So I'll go next.
    Really looking forward to what you've started here.

    To begin; Upstate N.Y. near the Canadian border; as a youth in the mid 70's early 80's.
    Sure (Atari) and pong on a Tandi Vision.
    Normally (combat) an early tank battle game or some other early Checkers, Chess or Othello styled version of gaming.
    First cartridge was probably pinball; along with first hard table game other than some bar type pool. (8 ball/9 ball Billiards).
    Never really gamed up, console style until Nintendo Hockey EA sports.
    Arcade was limited; although Centipede, Sinastar, Scramble and the other one like it... And of course Asteroids.

    Played some Chess and Dominoes in the neighborhood.
    Played AD&D up until about the third edition.

    Didn't realize how much I missed fantasy gaming until FF7 tactics. Nintendo disc and memory card.
    By this time, I'm mostly grown and living in the Desert S.W.
    Played some mobile games after that...
    Chrono, Mages of Might and Magic. Eternium back in the beginning (when combining items for another item took days and was far more costly and frustrating than trying to get a good BoM now.)

    Enjoying the new games. Just play once and discard became an issue.
    So this Eternium is working.
    Hex Commander, UnCiv, I have kept around.
    Just not enough time in R/L to put full effort into too many side entertainments.




      I never did much gaming until the 90's. Played some of the of the old games like Pac Man, Asteroids, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, and then games like Street Fighter, and the 8 button & joystick arcade version of Mortal Kombat. Played the text version of D&D, and then some of my friends and I would get together at a buddies house once a week, and play with the old pencil and character sheet, and my friend Brian would do the Dungeon Master thing. Great story teller; we always had a great time. I did that from 1995 - 2000, and then moved a province over, for work, in 2000. It would be another 7 years, before I got back into gaming, when I bought a house in 2007. I bought the Diablo 2 War Chest, and played the hell out of it. Awesome, awesome game. i dabbled in an online game called Evony for a few years, but the combat mechanics were really dumb, and it became more of a chat site, than a game. Tried a few more MMO's, but they were all pretty much the same. In 2013, I bought Diablo 3, and played it for a few years. It wasn't as good as D2, but it was okay, and you could invite friends to play alongside you. In 2017, I stopped gaming again. In 2019, I found this game, but didn't play long, for some reason. Save for the occasional card game, wasn't into any other gaming during the pandemic. Now I'm back to Eternium.