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Gold farm BH (new version)

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    Gold farm BH (new version)

    Here is a run showing you how to farm gold by running Normal Darkhold Citadel properly. This run gives about 50-70k gold with 3,5k% Extra Gold and takes around 10 seconds depending on how clean your run is and remember to wait about 2-3 seconds after you summoned the portal to collect most gold. No point waiting for every single coin. You will just get a couple of K's extra which waste your time on Currency Booster.

    Reason why i use smokescreen on bridge is to boost my movement speed and dodge and avoid getting slowed to minimize time.

    This was a good run, remember its not always like that, a run takes 15-20 seconds from start > back in city
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    Alternative 2

    Here is another option to get a little more extra gold but also gemstones and a chance to get gems. How often and how many it drops is variating (usually 1 or 2) but not every run.

    You do this by running same way and this time killing mobs. You can eathier shoot with explosive shot or by using freezing trap or combine explosive shoot and freezing trap. How often explosive shot trigger depending on its level. Also by equip "Vial of the Wind Spirit" will AOE all mobs around you every 10x stacks if you shoot. 9 -> Boom.

    This takes a little bit more time since your hero stops runnning while shooting. Around 20-25 seconds depending how clean the run is. To make the run more effective when combine shoot and trap, keep tapping your running path and trap bigger spawns or use traps as a block on mobs you missed so they walk into it while you keep running. Remember the higher level on trap, the longer it last. This will give you around 85-95k gold each run with Currency Booster and X amount of gemstones
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