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a 77 or 76?

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    a 77 or 76?

    For years I had a wish. A 77 for my shield slam bracer. Never had it. But when I compare to so and so bracer it seems my 76 err more better?

    My shield slam damage 97% while our friend here is 93% .

    If yes. Not worth for me wishing for a 77 I'm afraid or I judge it wrongly and his bracer more better? Can anybody verify?

    Anyway I thought I'm alone at normal warrior LB. Then there's another shield warrior friend. Good luck to him/her. I hope he will succeed at 155.
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    as short as my understanding, more high level item have more high stats value. Maybe U need value of damage increased but I think its more important to have stats value more higher.

    Sorry if I'm wrong with my opinion.
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      There is sometimes (often?) an overlap in in the range attributes where a lower item (say an L76) has a better armor or damage value than a higher level (say an L77) item. It's the luck (or unlucky) chance of the draw or drop for the piece. You can improve this, of course, by CT'ing the item (along with Enchantment and gemstone) and then subsequently adding Celestial Orbs to each attribute to maximize their values (yet additional game cost to improve your investment--so make sure it's an item you want to keep).

      But does that guarantee you end up with the "best" possible piece? That I do not know. Perhaps our resident experts and gurus can chime in.
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        AFAIK the attributes on Bracers of Mastery (e.g., % boost to an ability) are a completely random draw that is not at all tied to the level of the item. Therefore, it is quite common to have a lower level BoM that has a higher attribute % than a much higher level one. This is not true of the other stats on an item that are tied to the level of the item.​ Perhaps, someday the Devs will grant the ability to level up a lower level attribute, since that attribute % is currently fixed and not affected by applying a Celestial Transform or Celestial Orb.


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            Thanks Ozy and Lodwig! I was sure there was research on this.

          To all friends
          Thanks for the suggestions, recommendations etc
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