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Guys I have too many boosts

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    Guys I have too many boosts

    Hi I thought I would consume hundreds of 100% boosts then consume one single 200% to clear it but it’s crashing my game.

    I have way too many boosts eating up slots in my inventory bank vault that I can’t delete drop or sell. What do I do? I have zero need for 50 or 100% boosts. Please help lol

    thank you

    Like with anything that you can not drop or sell? Put the item in the inventory of a hero just before deleting the hero. All items in the hero's inventory or equipped by the hero are lost.

    Deleting the hero with those active boosters would also solve your problem.


      I spend the 50% ones whit the mage, the 100% with the war and the 200% whit the bh (my main xD).


        Go to the gauntlet, start attacking and walk away for a few hours. Repeat until they are gone.
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        • WarriorSeven
          WarriorSeven commented
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          That's one example of something useful playing the Gauntlet!

        There’s really no better way? I don’t have free slots to delete people =( just my pic exam-le is 55 hours


          I also have 144+ perfect jewelry and 50+ celestial. What do I need to do here lol. Been playing befor Covid and just accumulating items/. Deleted my mage with the worthless mboosts but not sure where to go from here


          • Wisp
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            There are conversations; about a possible update for the game; allowing CT's and Jboxes to be or become stackable.
            Until then; crafting set/style jewelry (ie. Xp/eg. farming or CR/CD end game builds); will open slots at 9/1 for each legendary piece.

            Edit: Crafted jewelry can be sold. There are very good crafting guides in the forum.

            Edit: Change ( conversations to suggestions )
            Thanks Tin Man.
            Suggestions have been mentioned; by players; in the ( What would you change? Sticky; of the Feedback and Suggestions sub-forum )
            Although when I looked; it only shows in a post by me. I am sure it has been a long time issue and has been mentioned before. As I refer to in the edit bibliography of that post.
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          • Tin Man
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            Wisp I do not recall ever hearing a developer saying that additional stacking is coming. The request is ongoing from players as a major wish list item but there is no indication that the wish will be fulfilled.

            We can always dream.

          • papa jim
            papa jim commented
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            Your decision but starting the gauntlet overnight or anytime you are afk would use the boosters and earn you gold and experience.