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Bh best for events?

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  • WarriorSeven
    Each class of Hero has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. And the so-called progression is more often attributed to a player's skill and experience to advance rather than the hero build (though the type of build is significant!). Each class also has distinct advantages and disadvantages: BH is a glass-cannon, don't get too close to your enemies--best played at a distance by learning to attack and kite!; Mage offers up decent damage but with some fairly complex gameplay (and practice); and Warrior is the "tankiest" of the three classes and an efficient farmer in Story (especially with the Fury build). Pick your poison ... or play all three (like me)!

    That said, the unofficial rule of thumb by most here is to play a class of hero (with their attendant build or builds) that you have the most FUN with!!

    And for those the newer players reading this, a few extra thoughts (free of charge )...

    If you are the competitive type, you should research the Leaderboards for the best (meta) builds in each Class, and then set goals to build up all three classes with those metas and try them out to your liking. And if you find you like and can compete with some success, then congratulations, you're going to earn medals and praises of glory!

    Otherwise -- for the less competitive types, or those that find little interest in the Leaderboard rat race -- there are MANY aspects of the game to spend your discretionary time on, like: experimenting with different attributes and builds (and accumulating gear for storage in inventory, or ready to try on at a moments notices when the mood suits you), or participating in ANBs--maybe trying a different class, or building an Extra Gold or Experience set(s) of weapons and gear for farming, or running a Season to completion, or just running or 5-starring through Story mode, or testing Trials with mobs and bosses, or as a diversion from R/L tribulations or to simply pass the time, or gathering info and data on how gear attributes work (if you really like the underlying math and stats and the like), or crafting all kinds of jewelry, or spending real money because you're a whale or simply like to (and the Devs will LOVE you), etc., etc., ETC.!

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  • Och
    started a topic Bh best for events?

    Bh best for events?

    Can any other type kill or progress faster than bh?