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    Gold Farming Gear

    Started a couple weeks ago, and so I am starting to put together a gold farming set now.

    I watched a few videos but they were mostly about where and how to farm etc...

    Just had some questions...
    When people make their jewelry is it usually just ALL extra gold rolls so just one stat at the highest you can make it?

    I don't have unlimited resources to make gear so I was thinking just craft Rare gear where I need it? Or should I just invest in crafting Legendary gear with gold on it?

    I originally was thinking to roll Gold with Experience together... But I'm about 1600 CL now and am quickly realizing you get very little experience while gold farming so probably pointless.

    Just looking for any tips, apologies if these questions are asked frequently. Few videos I did watch were very unnecessarily long and kind of all over the place....

    To begin with, I used any bit of gear wìth extra gold eventually compiling a full legendary set (6 piece fury for example) for use in gold farming over time. Helped by taking home some decent ANB farming gear if nothing better to CT on the push gear.

    Starting off with blues or even greens is fine. You will replace them with better later on once you have more materials and gold.

    As for rings/necklaces, started with green ones then made better before replacing with pure gold legendaries using only jewellry boxes to get max gold. Again, start with best extra gold value and grind your way better. If necessary, mixing extra gold with other attributes to make sure you survive long enough to complete your chosen farming level quickly enough.


      1600 CL is more than enough to farm Darkhold Citadel with basic blue gear, and as stated above, you'll get plenty of potential replacements, especially in trials. First make it work, then make it fast.

      As for the jewelry, the perfect XG value is 45%, but those are exceedingly rare, so I'm mixing various ones within the range [44.5% - 44.9%] to get 59.1% (max value) after fusing 3 greens. Now paying gems for jewelry only allows you to choose the attribute, not maxing its value, so "better" use gold instead. What I do is one run in DC, get back, buy as many jewelry as my inventory can possibly handle, re-sell the junk (most of it), keep the (near) perfect ones (sometimes), rinse and repeat. Not the most exciting part, it's slow, tedious, but it works.


        Here is my input - with 1600 CL you may already be above this. This is for gold only!!
        1. Story 10 Severed Mountain - do 21 runs. After that you begin to start the story at or near Magroth.
          • Use whatever gear you have for these first 21 runs (or longer as needed to be comfortable with the run)
          • Goal here is to finish the run on average in 15 seconds or less
        2. Craft green Normal XP only level 70 gear
          • except for a blue Fire Lily Trinket.
          • Movement on Pants and Feet (add XG when you have the funds)
          • You can craft better if you want but I do not think you should need to
        3. Craft green jewelry until you get XG items
          • Take the first XG ones you get regardless of the exact value
          • Put the best haste gems in the jewelry (the spiritstones are a great choice too).
          • Sell the rest
        4. Buy a Greater Currency Booster 200%. Good for 30 minutes of active play time.
          • Your XG with the booster will be about 2400%
        5. Complete runs only looting the chest and the mobs needed to despawn Magroth; 100+ runs.
        6. Salvage first everything looted and sell the rest.
        7. If you pick up any better gear than you are wearing keep it.
        At the end of the 30 minute timer of the booster, you should have 3- 4 million gold coins.
        It is just a slog...

        If and when you have the gear for DC, it is the better run for materials salvage and XG.
        This is where you might start if you are short on the gold for DC gear.


          As the others said, CL 1600 is more than enough for DC, and blue gear is totally fine. If you have a power lily, just craft one with EG (blue/purple also fine). For a mage video check the ELR guide, I talk about gear there also. For BH and warrior some (cheap) set gear is preferred - Assault for hunters, Fury for warriors. There are some useful tricks for each class... And yeah, don't bother unlocking side chests - the final chests yield way more gold, so in DC you want to be done in 25-30 sec for starters, then you can optimize
          Mage: Anba
          Bounty Hunter: Gemma


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            Lol I meant firelily

          Appreciate the responses. I pretty much played for a week, then the ANB event started. Bought a couple packs and had lots leftover after the event.

          Crafted a lot of epic/rare gold gear... Speaking of which... The epic weapon I created happened to be a lvl 77. From what I read of crafting 77s there are different pools of chances to go to 77. Is the epic weapon I just crafted in the same pool as legendary? It's funny because I was thinking maybe I should just craft my weapon as legendary just in case it hit 77... Then said nahhhh doubt that will happen, lol.

          Used my glory from linking it to steam to get the fire lily.



            Originally posted by Joseph Judd View Post
            Is the epic weapon I just crafted in the same pool as legendary?
            Epic gear works in a different pool (although I'm still trying to figure how to predict those). The ones that matter are Legendary Unique / Set pieces, just make sure you've maxed out crafting mastery before making one.

            Originally posted by Joseph Judd View Post
            Used my glory from linking it to steam to get the fire lily.
            Now that sounds like a very good plan.


              As far as I understand, Epic and non Set/Unique legendary gear doesn't come from any pool at all and can't be predicted. It's simply 50% of 71, 25% of 72, 12,5% of 73, ... 1/64 of getting a 77. But in theory, you could get three 77s or twenty 71s in a row.


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                I've already scored plenty of 71s in a row. Still waiting for the 77s, though... And I'd bet so do you...