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Clarification on 77 crafts

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    Clarification on 77 crafts

    I read through the guide a couple times on the pools and chances etc but I can't recall something now.

    I've crafted a couple 77's now, but it's been a while and I've crafted a lot since then... so I feel like I have one coming 'soon'...

    I just crafted a 76, and just wanted clarification... that does not reset my chances of crafting a 77, correct?

    I want to craft a 77 weapon or shield so I can celestial it, so at this point I feel like I don't want to craft anything else until it happens...


    Originally posted by Joseph Judd View Post
    that does not reset my chances of crafting a 77, correct?
    Correct, only finishing a 64 crafts sequence will. In such sequence, you can expect:
    1 x L71
    32 x L72
    16 x L73
    8 x L74
    4 x L75
    2 x L76
    1 x L77

    That's the guaranteed distribution for 64 crafts. You just don't know the "when", but Pythia can certainly help to decide (Pythia is not always right, but often).


    • Joseph Judd
      Joseph Judd commented
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      I found the link to Pythia... that's really cool. I suppose after I get my next 77 I will have to start tracking it. Thanks!

    • Mxtof
      Mxtof commented
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      No problem. Just keep tracking your current sequence, and it will be fine. If you somehow loose it, you can recover your craft history by clicking the "Check crafts" button at the bottom, and enter your current rank in Season/ANB. Good luck!

    • Wulfric
      Wulfric commented
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      Point to remember. Pythia is only accurate for crafting on a character created after you reached crafting mastery level 50. If you crafted using that character before level 50 was reached, this wrecks the predictions (please don't ask me how or why as I don't quite get it myself)

    You mean after hitting level 50 crafting, I would need to create a new character to accurately use it?


      Wulfric raised an important point that I forgot (shamefully, because I did that mistake). Crafting 71+ Legendary Set / Unique before maxing out your crafting mastery will make it impossible to Pythia to predict anything good for that character. If you did, then indeed, it's not worth crafting anything with that one anymore and you'll need a new character for a blank slate.