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Fire Lily for a Warrior

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    Fire Lily for a Warrior

    Has anyone tried to test a build that incorporates the Fire Lily trinket? While it clearly wouldn't work with the latest Leap/Shockwave build, I wondered if it could possibly be effective for a Cleave Warrior or Defense Warrior, as their abilities are not really crit dependent. Dropping Crit Rating and Crit Damage would allow you to add additional to Power, Haste, Vitality and/or Parry. Thoughts?

    I was wondering the same thing. I'm currently CL1.2k+ and I use the fire lily + 4 fury 2 warlord combo. I can finish TL105 in 2-3 mins and I was wondering if this was a viable build for pushing (I can't really tell because my account is about 2 weeks old and I havent even maxed out all my skills and the third passive slot is still locked).

    vid for reference:

    I'm really confused because I was able to get this far with such a handicap. Most others in my rankings are CL2000+ and I have yet to see another warrior that uses a fire lily build. I wanna know what other warriors think about it


      I think warrior has too many vital spells that rely on, or incorporate crit rating, for anyone to have seriously given a Lily build a chance. There is video of a defensive setup Lily build called the flower protector on gameplay forums. But as far as an offensive build, you'd have to omit 2 widely used spells (frenzy and charge) which incorporate crit into the spell definition. So even recrafting to supplement the crit rate and damage wouldn't properly balance the no crit thing. You'd essentially be wasting the spell so it's not as easy as say a mage or BH to just reroll stats and make it work. We have crit rate in the spell itself (charge increases crit, etc.)
      not to say it can't be done and eventually be a viable push build, it's just gonna take a lot of adjustment and research that I don't think anyone has put forth since the update (we're still enjoying the new toys) to figure out a Lily build.

      And don't be confused about fire Lily helping you rocket through the low levels, but it gets drastically harder after 105,110. So you might find the Lily not so useful in a dozen levels or so, and the new end push trial levels caps are going up daily so 150 is gonna feel a lot different than 105.
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        ahh yes as of the moment that you have posted this, I find everything you say to be correct. I tested out my build with 800-900%+ crit damage (dont have end game jewelry yet) and it does indeed have a higher dps than the fire lily build. I do think fire lily is still viable for exp farming low trial levels though because it seems that the 4 fury set bonus tornadoes don't crit at all and would definitely benefit from the 500% dmg increase of fire lily. It's purely anecdotal but I think that running around the map sucking in mobs and having the tornadoes go at them makes exp farming more enjoyable than just ripping at them with basic attacks. Thanks for the response!