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Gore or Slayer enchant?

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    Gore or Slayer enchant?

    Neither is very useful against mobs, so basically just for the boss, which is better for a Leap/Shockwave build? I think Slayer is more straightforward damage, but the Gore DoT will build up over time and also give a nice boost to Shockwave.

    Which is better and why?

    Take Slayer. I took gore and even for boss fights slayer should be better. It takes like 4 minutes until gore has stacked enough to equal slayer. For bosses grievous wounds does a lot more. And when you die the gore stacks are gone, 4s are too short to keep gore stacks going...
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    • Citizen055
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      That's the way I was leaning I think. The shockwave effect where it causes 1 second's worth of damage equal to the current DoT/second seems underwhelming. In fact, shockwave seems underwhelming to me so far even with a +98% damage shockwave bracer, but to be fair I have never played a warrior before this ANB. I like the Leap/ITZ setup so far, but I wonder if there is something better than shockwave for the other skill. Either way, I have to see if I can finish T105, and then T110 with a little over 19 minutes left on the timer, so I am beefing up the character as much as possible before I make the attempt. I REALLY want to try for that second CT reward, especially since I have now crafted a lv 76 Sanguinarius that I would like to keep, but I screwed up and didn't give myself enough time for pushing at the end.

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    • BalthasarHohenheim
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      Do you have shockwave level 10 and the Vampiric Blades weapon set equipped?
      The damage of shockwave is extremely inconsistent due to how this combination works. The main damage doesn't come from your normal DoTs but from the Dot the weapon set created form your last shockwave hit.
      What happens is that if you use shockwave twice in a row while your buffs are up the first can crit, deal its damage (including the 10 times all DoT-effects for the next second) modifies by all current buffs (so fire damage, Slayer, Power Infusion, Critical Damage, Osmosis ect.) and leave a Dot that deals 2.5% of all of that per second.
      Your next shockwave will take that huge DoT and deal 10 times its damage modified by all buff again! This way you can deal 50+ times the damage of the previous shockwave with each following one as long less than 5 seconds pass between them.
      With even bad gear you should see some times where shockwave instantly kills the boss regardless of remaining health at you Trial level. Just always use two shockwaves in succession and only while some buffs are up (ideally the Talisman of storms and Belt of the Templar buffs).
      Also shockwave is the skill most prone to missing in the game, so try to figure out how to aim it to hit the respective boss. I try to stand below them on the screen if possible and aim at around melee range not at the center of their hitbox but I still miss them quite often despite having beaten Trial 130 with 1.5 hours left.

    • Citizen055
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      Yes for SH lv10 and vampiric blades. I basically copied many who are high on the leaderboard- I’m not ashamed this is my first ANB and my first warrior.

      Thank you very much for your explanation! I didn’t fully understand the build and gameplay for it (I’ve been playing ELR mage until this ANB). I haven’t been using shockwave two at a time, at least not on purpose, and knowing it can miss would also explain why it sometimes seems to do so little damage - it’s actually doing none because it missed.

      I think your writeup more than anything else I’ve been doing to prepare will help me immensely. I messed up and didn’t leave enough time for pushing. I’ve beat 103 and am about to tackle 105 with barely over 19 minutes left on the ANB timer. I sorely want to clear 110 to get the second CT.

      Thank you for the help!

    I should unlock the Slayer enchant then
    ​​​​​​ it took ages for my Trial 127 Old SW to killed pack of elites and more difficult to killed the elites surrounded by is it the healers? at Trial 128. erm the moment just play at "trial 90" only for matrerials etc etc
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