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deadly throw on bracer of mastery?

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    deadly throw on bracer of mastery?

    I've been trying to create a BoM with the deadly throw bonus, but it just seems impossible.

    I've created more than 50 / 60 BoM, but none, and I repeat NONE OF THEM, had deadly throw. How is this possible? This is not just 'bad luck'. I mean, there are about 12 abilities that can be boosted by a BoM, so statistically I should have one in about 12 attempts.

    But no, even after 50 or 60 (lost count...) I've had none. I had all other abilities, but not the one I was searching for. It's like the system knows it..

    Anybody has an explanation?

    Try for a Shockwave bracer, you get loads of deadly throw then!


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      Stu, that’s hilarious because it’s so true

    • kurtcabage
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      if the system can read our mind, then this is the only right way to do it hahah

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      Look at that. It actually worked! First attempt after my post was a shockwave (du-uh) second was a DT..


    I have a few of those, got it from TL drops. I kept one with 94% more damage from Deadly throw and salvaged the others because of lack storing space (2, i think). The other's have even better damage from DT, but i kept the 94% because it also has physical damage boost.

    For me TL 90 is the best to get BoM. Got a lot of BoM there. But as i push higher trials, the drop rate of good stuffs from level 90 seems to significantly lower.

    I feel you, man. I just got one level 77 gear from spending 50 millions of gold in one go. The crafting system is so damn broken.


      I got 2 of these. 1 from ANB Trial and 1 from Season Trial. Both have the same exact stats.

      And i don't need it
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        As has been suggested before, a Market Place where we can trade such items with each other would be a great addition to the game!

        It would make crafting BoMs slightly less frustrating. Having to sell/salvage 77s just because of the wrong bonus is really painfull.
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          Now that's a good idea!!